Star Trek: Deep Space Nine Harbinger

Posted by Zack Howe.
First posted on 12 July 1999. Last updated on 15 May 2011.
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Star Trek: Deep Space Nine Harbinger is an uninspiring attempt to bring the experience of the television hit series Star Trek: Deep Space Nine onto the computer screen. Its poor production and gameplay make playing this title at most a mediocre gaming experience. Unless you are a diehard Star Trek fanatic, this game may simply turn into a laughable Star Trek experience.

The story of Star Trek:…

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Although the three articles were released five years ago, I have only just come across them.
The reason for my interest is that I am creating a game with AGS (adventure game studio). The game has been in production for a few months, but will not be finished for years possibly.
As you can probably guess, I found these essays on what a person wants from an adventure game most helpful, providing relvelations for future development.
On a broader note, this is a wonderful site. The reviews and walkthroughs are really first class; this is where I come first for games.

Europe By Alastair Payne ~aka~ Mr Flibble • On 26 June 2004 • From Northern Ireland, Belfast

i just like to say that jadzia dax is the most sexyist alian ive ever seen

By Xena • On 05 October 2000 • From England