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Spoiler alert! The following cheat contains spoilers in the form of hints, walkthroughs, guides, or solutions to the game. Viewer discretion is advised.
King Angoulafre appears to have suddenly gone insane, and the source of his madness is a mystery. However, 3 Gobliiins have set out to find a way to cure the king. BoBo is a warrior, Hooter is a magician, and Dwayne is a technician. Together, their talents will hopefully help to save the ailing monarch.

General tips

You can select a Gobliiin either by clicking on him with the arrow cursor or by clicking the crystal ball at the bottom of the screen to cycle through the 3 characters. Right-clicking the mouse button cycles through the available actions for each Gobliiin.

Clicking the arrow cursor anywhere on the screen will make the selected Gobliiin walk to the spot you have clicked, and clicking the cursor shaped like a clenched fist on an object will make the selected Gobliiin interact with it. Using this cursor with BoBo will probably make him punch the object, while using it with Hooter will make him use his magic on it.

Dwayne has a third cursor available to him, which is shaped like a spread hand and enables him to pick up and carry objects. He is the only Gobliiin that can do this, and he can only hold a single object at a time. If you have him pick up another object, he will drop the object he is carrying and then pick up the new object. If you are carrying an object, clicking the clenched fist cursor while Dwayne is selected will make him use or interact with the object in some way. You can also drop objects by clicking the spread hand icon where you want to drop them.

In many cases, making a mistake can cause the energy meter at the bottom of the screen to go down. If your energy runs out, the game will be over. There are also a few points where making a mistake can lead to instant death, so be careful, as there is no way to save the game. The only way to go back to a specific point in the game is to enter a code (listed below) given to you at the end of each level. There is no code for the first level.

The names of the 3 Gobliiins are different in the original European release. In that release, the warrior is named Asgard, the magician is named Ignatius, and the technician is named Oups. The names in this walkthrough are those given to the Gobliiins in the US release.

Outside wizard's house

The Gobliiins are outside the house of the house of the wizard Niak. Niak may know of a means of curing King Angoulafre, but the wizard is very reclusive, and will not let the Gobliiins in unless they pay him.

If you look at the arch over the path leading to Niak's house, you can see a strange stone creature atop it with 2 horns, one of which seems to be loose. Select BoBo and have him punch the right side of the arch. When he does this, one of the horns will fall to the ground, which makes the Gobliiins cheer happily. Select Dwayne and make him pick up the horn, and then have him blow it. This will cause a branch to fall from the tree in the foreground (and Niak will also poke his head out of his window and yell at you for making so much noise). Select Hooter and have him use his magic on the branch, turning it into a pick. Have Dwayne pick up the pick, then click the GO button that appears. The level's code will appear, and clicking again will take you to the next level.

Diamond mine


The Gobliiins have arrived at a diamond mind near Niak's house. Perhaps Niak will agree to accept a diamond as payment, but unfortunately, there is a large gap in the bridge to the mine.

Have Hooter use his magic on the second and fourth apples hanging from the tree to make them grow (Figure 1). Do not touch the other apples. Have BoBo hit both apples to detach them from the tree, then have Dwayne pick one of them up (this will make Dwayne drop the pickaxe). Drop the apple into the gap in the bridge, then go back, pick up the second apple and drop it into the gap as well.

The Gobliiins can now get across the bridge. Have Dwayne pick up the pick, then use it on the glinting object lodged in the crevice in the upper left-hand corner of the screen. A diamond pops out (Figure 2)! Have Dwayne pick it up, click GO, then click again after the code appears.

Figure 1
Figure 2

Outside wizard's house (again)


The Gobliiins have returned to Niak's house. This is an incredibly easy level. Have Dwayne use the diamond on the door. The wizard will take a look at it. He will then open the door and let you in. Click GO, then click again when the code appears.

Inside wizard's house


Now the Gobliiins are inside the wizard's house, but they still have not paid him yet. They have to find a way to get up to the desk where the wizard is busy reading. Unfortunately, that desk is pretty high and there are carnivorous plants on either side of it.

Have Hooter cast a spell on the carnivorous plant on the left, causing its stem to grow (Figure 3). BoBo can now climb up the plant and reach the top of the desk.

However, BoBo cannot get too close to the carnivorous plant on the right because it will snap at him and cause you to lose energy. To get the other Gobliiins up there, have Dwayne pick up the left yellow pot on the table on the left (do not touch the right pot) (Figure 4). Use the pot on that carnivorous plant. A bee will fly out of the pot and the plant will devour it. Now that is has been fed, it will not harm BoBo anymore.

Figure 3
Figure 4

Have BoBo walk to the right end of the desk and punch the large, orange book. It falls down and forms a "ladder" up to the desk. Have Dwayne pick up the diamond, climb up the book and put the diamond in the wizard's waiting hand. The wizard will finally talk to you, but only for a few moments. He then opens up a trapdoor in his floor, which the Gobliiins have to go through, ending the level.



The narration tells that the Gobliiins have been sent on a quest to the eerie caverns beneath Niak's house. They have been instructed that in order to cure the king, they must find and retrieve 3 items: Arain's Mushroom, Arachnide's Elixir, and the Bald Plant.

The goal of this level is to get past the hunchback in the lower right corner. Ignore the object sitting on the path (which is a mask), as it is a complete red herring. Have Hooter use his magic on the bluish, hook shaped object (Figure 5) growing out of the ground by the statue's raised hand, making it grow into a long pole. Have BoBo climb up the pole, then punch the statue's head. This will cause its tongue to flop out onto the path. Move Dwayne over to the tongue and have him stand on it.

Figure 5

Have Hooter go back up the path and cast a spell on the strange symbol on top of the upright coffin on the left side of the screen. Quickly go back down the path, as a skeleton will come out of the coffin and frighten Hooter if he does not get out of its way fast enough. Move Hooter onto the statue's tongue as well, then have BoBo punch the statue's head again. This will lift Dwayne and Hooter up above the path.

The skeleton will walk down the path and under the raised tongue, terrifying the hunchback, who runs away, leaving Arain's Mushroom behind. Wait for the skeleton to get out of the way, then have BoBo punch the statue's head again to lower Dwayne and Hooter. Have Dwayne pick up the mushroom by walking over it, which ends the level.

Arachnide's lair


This cavern is crawling with enormous spiders, and one of them possesses the elixir that the Gobliiins need to retrieve.

Walk BoBo over to the strand of web that the large yellow spider is hanging from and have him climb up it to the ledge above. Use the strand of web on the left (do not touch the strand on the right!) (Figure 6). This will lift the yellow spider out of the way, enabling Dwayne and Hooter to cross the bridge. Have Dwayne pick up the gun and use it while he is standing under the big red spider. It will raise out of the way, uncovering a doorway leading out of the cavern, but the Gobliiins cannot leave without getting the elixir first.

Figure 6

Have Dwayne walk back to the left side of the screen, stand under the sleeping spider and shoot it as well. When it leaves, have Dwayne take the pillow it was resting on, then drop it beneath the spider in the middle of the screen. Have Hooter use his magic on the spider, which will make it produce a large bottle, which lands safely on the pillow under it (the bottle will break if you do not put the pillow there first, but you can try again). Walk Dwayne over the bottle (which is Arachnide's Elixir) to pick it up, and the level ends.

The countryside


The Gobliiins have found a way out of the underground caverns. They now need to retrieve the plant that will save the king.

The bag in the upper left corner may look easy to reach, but do not let Dwayne try to pick it up yet. Instead, have Hooter cast a spell to make it float onto a thicker part of the branch first.

Once Dwayne has picked up the bag (which turns out to be full of seeds), it is time to start some gardening. First, move BoBo to the left of the scarecrow (make sure he is standing on the dirt beneath the scarecrow, not on the grassy cliff) and then move Hooter onto the right horizontal branch of the tree.

Have Dwayne use the seeds on the patch of soil in front of the scarecrow. Some little birds will soon appear. Immediately have BoBo punch the scarecrow to make it move and frighten the birds away before they can eat your seeds. Quickly have Hooter cast a spell on the cloud on the right (the left cloud will zap him with a lightning bolt and deplete your energy) (Figure 7).

Figure 7

Do not let the birds eat the seeds. Soon, a tall plant with a flower shaped like a skull will grow: the Bald Plant. When Dwayne picks it (again, by walking over it), the wizard Niak will suddenly appear on a nearby tree stump. Walk Dwayne over to him and Dwayne will give him all 3 items.

The dungeon


It seems that that crooked wizard has never intended to help King Angoulafre at all! The items that he has sent the Gobliiins to find are not part of a cure for the king, but rather are what the wizard cannot collect on his own because of a spell that has prevented him from doing so. To make matters worse, since the Gobliiins have proven so useful to him, he decides to keep them in his dungeon!

Firstly, ignore the mug, as it serves no purpose. Have Hooter use his magic on the skeleton on the wooden platform. It will come to life, walk a few paces, toss a bone over its shoulder, then become inanimate once more. Have Hooter cast a spell on this bone, turning it into a flute. Have Dwayne pick up the bone and use it on the coiled snake just left of the large skeleton in the foreground. This will charm the snake, making it stretch its neck up so high that BoBo can climb up it to the ledge above. Do this, then walk BoBo over to the pile of rocks on the right side of the screen. Do not touch the red button on the left.

Have Dwayne stand on the left side of the bottom right plank on the platform, then have BoBo punch the pile of rocks. A large boulder will fall onto the right side of the plank, catapulting Dwayne up onto the ledge BoBo is on. Now have Hooter stand on the left side of the same plank, and have BoBo punch the rocks again. The Gobliiins can now escape the dungeon.

Outside wizard's house (yet again)


The Gobliiins are almost free, but first they have to get past Niak's fierce dog, Ragnarok, who loves biting little birds (and probably little Gobliiins as well). Ignore the cube of sugar sitting near the gate. Walk Dwayne to the upper left corner of the screen, staying as far away from the dog as possible. Pick up the hunk of meat, walk halfway between the tree and the dog and use the meat. Do not get too close to the dog or use the meat directly on him. The GO button will appear. Click on it to end the level.

The large tree


Since the meat apparently does not interest Ragnarok, perhaps a bird will be more appealing to him. Have Dwayne use the meat on the hole to the right of the Gobliiins (the creature living inside will try to throttle the Gobliiins if they attempt walking past its hole). Have Dwayne pick up the windsock. Though it resembles a butterfly net, do not use it on the butterfly (doing so will cause you to lose energy).

Make Hooter cast a spell on the little twig with the fluttering leaves, making it grow into a long, horizontal branch with a twig growing downward. Now move Hooter to the rightmost side of this branch, then move BoBo over to the large rock underneath Hooter and grab the twig that points down. When BoBo does this, he pulls the branch down, then launches Hooter onto a higher limb when he lets go and the branch snaps back. Have BoBo do the same with Dwayne.

Take notice of the little red bird periodically poking its head out of a hole near the base of the tree. Making BoBo punch that bird will cause it to retreat inside the tree, then fly out of one of the holes in the top. The goal is to leave only a single available escape route for the bird. Have Hooter cast a spell on the large cork in the upper left corner of the screen, freeing it from where it is lodged in the branches. Have Dwayne pick the cork up and use it on either of the 2 holes in the top of the tree, then pick up the windsock and move over to the unblocked hole. Make BoBo punch the hole that the bird keeps appearing in, and use the windsock on the unblocked hole before the bird can escape through it.

Outside wizard's house (a final time)


Carefully walk Dwayne around Ragnarok the dog, then use the bird on the dog. While the dog is transfixed by the hovering bird, have Hooter cast a spell on him (again, be careful not to get too close to him). Ragnarok will grow a tiny pair of wings and fly away after the bird. To end this level, open the door on the left by having BoBo hit it.

Wizard's study


The wizard is not home, so the Gobliiins are free to snoop around his place. Have Dwayne pick up the quill from the inkwell sitting on the desk and use the quill to tickle the skeleton's foot. As it laughs, its skull pops open and a key falls out of it, landing on the desk. However, the skeleton will try to strangle Dwayne if he tries to take the key. Pick up the ball and cup on the desk on the right side of the screen and use it on the skeleton, which will now allow Dwayne to get the key.

Use the key on the cage. The cage's occupant, a large, mouse-like creature wearing a rope, will hop out and escape. Shortly afterwards, a bee will fly in the window and land on the shelf at the top of the screen. Have Hooter user his magic on the quill to turn it into a flyswatter. Dwayne can then pick up the flyswatter and use it to kill the bee.

Have Hooter transform the bee into a dart, then have Dwayne pick up the dart and throw it at the wizard's picture. Dwayne gets a bull's eye (so to speak), and as a result, a compartment on the wall opens, and out falls a voodoo doll of King Angoulafre stuck full of pins!

Walk Dwayne over the doll to pick it up, the pick up the yellow elixir on the left side of the desk (picking up and drinking the other elixirs results will drain your energy) (Figure 8).

Figure 8

Escaping the wizard


As the narration explains, it turns out that Niak is the individual responsible for the king's torment all along. Following the advice of the rat-like creature, the Gobliiins decide to seek the help of Shadwin the magician. Unfortunately, the Gobliiins still need to find a way past the wizard, who is busy brewing up a diabolical spell outside his house.

The goal of this level is simple: get all the Gobliiins on the right side of the screen. This is among the most difficult levels in the game. A single wrong move can result in instant death!

Firstly, have Hooter cast a spell on one of the roots of the tree, which the Gobliiins are standing in front of. The root will lift up, revealing a bird call. Have Dwayne pick this up, then climb to the highest branch of the tree and use it while he is next to the bird's nest. A bird will fly to the nest and sit on it.

Have BoBo climb up to the highest branch. After a few seconds, the bird will fly off and one of the eggs will have legs burst out of it and start hopping on the highest branch. Have BoBo punch it, causing wings to burst out of its shell. Quickly move Hooter up to the highest branch and use his magic on the egg, making its wings grow. The egg will then carry Hooter over the wizard and to safety on the right side of the screen.

Have Dwayne climb down the tree and pick up the elixir. This elixir can turn Dwayne invisible for a short time, which will enable him to sneak past the wizard if that horn is not in the way. To keep him from stepping on it, have Hooter magically lift it out of the way. Move Dwayne to the right edge of the left wall, then use the elixir on him to drink it. Once he turns invisible, quickly move him across the gap in the wall and up the steps. This move is very tricky.

To get BoBo past the wizard, first move him so that he is on the left side of the gap in the wall. Now have Dwayne pick up the carrot on the right side of the screen and use it on the strange rodent that keeps popping its head out of a nearby hole. When the creature sticks its head out to sniff the carrot, have Hooter use his magic on it. This makes the creature come out of its hole, hop onto a nearby wall, and change into a voluptuous young blonde. This understandably catches the wizard's attention, and while he is distracted, quickly walk BoBo past the gap in the wall.

Outside Shadwin's home


Shadwin the magician lives beneath a carrot patch, and what a carrot patch it is! There is a bit more gardening to be done in order to enter Shadwin's home, though.

Have Hooter use his magic on the flat, oblong rock (Figure 9) on the left side of the large rock supported by several smaller ones. This will transform it into a series of stepping stones leading up to the large rock.

Have Dwayne pick up the stick on the right side of the screen, climb up the stepping stones to the top of the large rock and use the stick on the tiny "button" on the right side of the rock, which causes a watering can to rise out of the rock.

Pick up the watering can and water only the carrot at the far left, the carrot in the middle and the carrot just right of the middle carrot. After the carrots grow, have Hooter use his magic on all 3 of them (the carrot on the far right is actually optional; you can replenish some of your energy by having Hooter use his magic on it, but only once). Have BoBo knock the key off the left carrot, then have Dwayne pick up the key and use it on the keyhole in the center carrot (Figure 10).

Figure 9
Figure 10

Inside Shadwin's home


Shadwin is a broody old fellow who eats only carrots. He is also hard of hearing and takes long naps. Unfortunately, he is asleep in his armchair when the Gobliiins arrive at his home. It is going to take a lot of effort to wake him up.

Have BoBo punch the small cannon so that it is tilted upwards, then have him punch the pile of cannonballs in the lower right corner to knock one of the cannonballs loose. Have Dwayne pick up the loose cannonball and use it on the cannon, which makes it point straight ahead again. Do not ever fire the cannon when it is in this position and there is a cannonball in it, as this will end the game in failure immediately.

Make BoBo punch the cannon again so that it pointing up once more, have Dwayne pick up the matches in the upper right corner, then use them on the cannon. The cannonball will shoot upwards and hit the ceiling, causing a carrot to fall to the ground. Pick up the carrot and put it in the cannon, then pick up the matches again. Make BoBo hit the cannon so that it is pointing straight ahead, then have Dwayne use the matches on the cannon.

The carrot will shoot across the room and land in the cooking pot sitting in the fireplace in front of Shadwin. Use the matches on the pot. The carrot will start to cook, and Shadwin will smell it and eventually awaken. Unfortunately, now the Gobliiins need to find some way of helping him hear them.

Prepare the cannonball firing once more. Have BoBo punch the cannon and the pile of cannonballs, have Dwayne pick up a cannonball and put it in the cannon, have BoBo punch the cannon again, then have Dwayne pick up the matches and use them on the cannon. Another carrot is shot down. This time, have Hooter use his magic on the carrot, turning it into an ear trumpet (the only task he needs to do in this level).

Have Dwayne pick the ear trumpet up and use it on Shadwin, who is now able to hear you. He talks to you briefly, then dozes off again, but a mallet appears on the floor in front of him. Pick up the mallet and use it on the large gong hanging next to the left ladder. A mysterious doorway appears in the gong, and a pendulum appears on the platform above it. Pick it up, and the Gobliiins will be ready to go.

Statue of Serenity


Shadwin has opened a doorway to another world. Stepping through it, the Gobliiins find themselves before the Statue of Serenity. This statue and the magic fire of the double-headed dragon Gremellor are what are needed to break Niak's curse on King Angoulafre.

Have Dwayne use the pendulum near the center of the screen. Keep trying in different locations around the center until the pendulum swings wildly and Dwayne points at the spot it indicates. Now have Dwayne pick up the small stone and drop it on the "X" (Figure 11) in the lower right corner of the screen. Have Hooter cast a spell on the stone to make it grow, then have him use his magic on it again to create a ladder to the floating platform where the Statue of Serenity sits.

Figure 11

Have Hooter climb up to the platform and cast a spell on the small palm tree on the far left, transforming it into a pickaxe. Have BoBo hit the pickaxe to knock it free, then make Dwayne pick it up and use it on the spot the pendulum indicated, forming a shallow hole. Use the pickaxe again 3 more times, and a larger hole will be formed, marking the end of this level.

Gremellor's lair


Gremellor the dragon is a fierce creature, but his flames have the ability to break powerful spells. The Gobliiins needs to get a sample of his fire back to the Statue of Serenity.

Have BoBo hit the stack of logs in the upper left corner, knocking one of the logs free. Have Dwayne pick this log up and use it on the trap to the left of the bridge to spring it. Have Hooter walk down to the bottom level, cast a spell on the bag sitting on the top of the steps leading to the dragon's cave and quickly walk back down the steps before the dragon can spit any flames at Hooter. Have Dwayne drop the log, then quickly grab the bag (which, like the bag in the countryside, is also full of seeds) and walk back down the steps to avoid getting singed by the dragon's breath.

This is probably the oddest puzzle in the game. Have Hooter cast a spell on the log to turn it into a can of deodorant. Have Dwayne pick this up, carry it up to the top level and drop it beside the pile of logs. Have him then pick up the seeds, go up to the top level, and use them. A large, dismembered foot will come hopping his way. Quickly pick up the deodorant, and as soon as the foot stops at the left edge of the screen, use the deodorant on it. This will immobilize the foot, enabling Dwayne to pick it up.

Place the foot on the ledge at the top of the steps leading to the dragon's cave, then hurry out of the way. The dragon will cook the foot with its fire, tuning it into a roast. Quickly pick up the roast, walk back down the steps, and use it on the bridge, which is actually a living creature that is all mouth. The bridge will eat the roast, and now will not attempt to eat the Gobliiiins if they try to cross it.

Have Dwayne cross the bridge. Ignore the bone and pick up the dagger. Now use the dagger on the same ledge you placed the foot on earlier, then get out of the way. The dragon will breathe fire at the dagger, causing its hilt to catch fire. Pick up the burning dagger and retreat back down the steps. This level is now complete.

Statue of Serenity (again)


Use the burning dagger with the circular ornament on the statue's chest. The ornament will start burning. Have Dwayne stand in the hand on the right side of the statue. He will automatically drop the voodoo doll of King Angoulafre. Climb down from the statue's hand, and the statue will come to life, breathing fire on the doll and reducing it to ashes.

A key then appears in the statue's hand. Pick it up and use it on the statue's right ear. Walk back to the hand on the right side of the statue and the statue will make Dwayne disappear. Have BoBo and Hooter walk up to the hand as well to follow him.

The librarian


King Angoulafre has been cured, but the wizard Niak is still at large. The Gobliiins, determined to find him and put a stop to his evil doings, go out in search of the Supreme Weapon, which is buried in the ruins of an ancient castle, so legends say. The Gobliiins find this castle, and the first individual they meet there is a librarian named Carbonek, who has recently been bitten by a werewolf and now spends his time writing depressing books, lamenting the beast he has become. Perhaps the Gobliiins can help cheer him up.

Do not read any of the books lying around: Carbonek's books are melancholy enough to make the reader's energy diminish. Have BoBo dislodge one of the bananas by hitting the bunch. Have Dwayne pick it up and make him use it on Carbonek the librarian. Dwayne will "accidentally" slip on the banana, but the librarian will just snarl grumpily at him, though Hooter and BoBo are quite amused. Have Dwayne pick up the soap under the bananas and use it on the librarian. Dwayne will eat a piece of it and spew out a few bubbles. At first the librarian seems just as irritated as before, but this time he chuckles a little before falling back into his depressed state.

Pick up the false nose and use it on the librarian to make Dwayne wear it. This not only makes Carbonek laugh, but he even changes back into a human. He then finishes writing the book he is working on, which he places in front of Dwayne. Pick up the book of witchcraft and try reading it (it is much more lighthearted than Carbonek's earlier works). Have Hooter cast a spell on the gate in the center of the screen to open it.

Inside the castle


Meliagante is another inhabitant of the castle. He is a giant whose passion is reading, although Carbonek's melancholy works have made Meliagante quite grumpy. The Gobliiins will have to lift his spirits as well if they are to uncover the Supreme Weapon.

Have Hooter cast a spell on the little object sticking out of the ground beneath the carving of the shield (this can be tricky since it is such a tiny target) (Figure 12). This makes it grow into a lever. Have BoBo hit the lever to make a ladder to the stone slab appear. Make Hooter climb the ladder and use his magic on the cork stuck in the giant's ear to remove it.

Now have Dwayne use the book of witchcraft on Meliagante the giant's ear to read to him. The giant finds the book so amusing that he cries tears of laughter. He also becomes much friendlier and allows the Gobliiins to walk past him. Get the bait from the top left tower (it is very difficult to spot) (Figure 13), then get the bowl from the top right tower, leaving the bait in its place. A bizarre monster lurches out of the tower and stands next to the bait. Obviously, the Gobliiins will need to get rid of that monster.

Figure 12
Figure 13

Place the bowl under Meliagante's face (where his tears are landing). Pick up the book and read to the giant again. This time, his tears fall into the bowl. Pick up the bowl of tears and have Dwayne use it on the monster. The monster disintegrates, leaving a catapult behind. Pick it up. Is this the Supreme Weapon that can destroy Niak?

Leaving the castle


Carbonek the librarian is gone. The Gobliiins will have to find the wizard Niak on their own.

Have Dwayne use the catapult with the bunch of bananas to knock it down, exposing the lever behind them. Have BoBo hit the lever. The large gate opens and an enormous fish swims through it, stopping near the shore. Move all the Gobliiins onto its back to complete the level.

Defeating Niak


The Gobliiins find Niak in an underground cave, poisoning the river with the horrid potions he has created. It is up to the Gobliiins to put an end to him and his evil once and for all.

Have Dwayne use the catapult (the Supreme Weapon) on Niak, knocking him into his cauldron. Though this seems like an easy victory at first, Niak angrily pokes his head out of his cauldron, transforms into a demonic bat and picks Dwayne up, flying up to the skull of the giant bird skeleton. Have Hooter cast a spell on the oblong stone (Figure 14) to the right of the empty bag, changing it into a ladder.

Figure 14

There are 2 routes to get to the end of this level. You can take the simpler route by making BoBo climb the ladder and walk onto the bird skeleton's wing in the upper right corner of the screen, then having Hooter cast a spell on Niak, changing him into a turtle which frees Dwayne but unfortunately angrily jumps onto Hooter. Alternatively, you must take the harder route if BoBo does not move onto the bird’s wing before Hooter transforms Niak. After the turtle pins Hooter down, have Dwayne use the catapult on the rope hanging above the cauldron to shoot it down. Then pick up the rope and use it on the hook in the upper right corner. BoBo can now climb up the rope to the bird's wing.

Regardless of which route you take, when BoBo is on the right side of Niak the turtle, punch him in the face. Niak now changes into a gigantic spider, releases Hooter but attacks BoBo, wrapping him up and dangling him high above the ground by a narrow strand of web. Once again, the Supreme Weapon is needed. Have Dwayne use the catapult on the strand (you will have to pick it up first if you have taken the harder route), freeing BoBo.

Quickly pick up the empty bag beneath the bird skeleton and place it directly underneath Niak the spider. Now have Hooter use his magic on Niak, who will be changed into several little spiders that fall into the waiting bag. Have Dwayne pick the bag up and use it. The wizard has been defeated! You have won the game.

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