Bone: Out from Boneville

Posted by Joseph Howse.
First posted on 13 April 2008. Last updated on 01 January 2010.
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Bone: Out from Boneville

Spoiler alert! The following cheat contains spoilers in the form of hints, walkthroughs, guides, or solutions to the game. Viewer discretion is advised.

Lost in the desert

You control Fone. Optionally, talk to Phoney and Smiley. Then, pick up the small rock nearest to Smiley. A map is lying underneath the small rock but it is also stuck beneath the boulder where Smiley is sitting. Talk to Smiley until he tells you he wants 1 dollar before he will help you get the map out. Talk to Phoney until he says he hates the song, "Old Gray Mare". Talk to Smiley until you get him to play "Old Gray Mare". Phoney gives you the dollar to make Smiley stop. Give the dollar to Smiley. Smiley helps you get the map out from under the boulder.

Locust chase

A swarm of locusts descends on the Bones. You still control Fone. Avoid the obstacles in order to escape the locusts. Move the mouse to steer left or right. Click to jump over an obstacle. As long as you don't hit too many obstacles, Fone will outrun the locusts. You cannot stop the locusts from catching Phoney and Smiley.

Dragon's stair

You still control Fone. Walk right until you see an orange, glowing circle. Pick it up: it is Smiley's cigar stub. Continue right until you see another orange dot. A chasm separates you from it. Click near the orange dot to jump over the chasm. Pick up the cigar butt.

Go up and left until you find 2 flat rocks stacked on top of each other. Click in this area (3 times) to jump up to the next level of the cave. Another cigar butt should be in sight. Pick it up. Then, go up toward 2 rounded boulders. Click on them to slide down to the next level of the cave.

Another cigar butt lies directly up from you. Pick it up. Go up and bear left for 2 forks of the cave. Then bear right and follow the winding pathway until you find another cigar stub. Pick it up. Head down and right until you reach another chasm. Continue up along the edge of the chasm, until you must turn right. Go right until you leave the cave and reach another chasm. There are 4 pillars leading across the chasm. Click on each pillar and then the far side (5 jumps) in order to get across.

Picking up the cigar butts is actually optional. You can just follow the trail instead.

Fone meets Ted

You still control Fone. Head right until you see the river and something small and leaf-like sitting on the riverbank. Talk to the leaf-like bug, named Ted, until he says he will help you cross the river.

Ted crosses the river

You now control Ted. Ted must cross the river by jumping from stone to stone in the pattern of short jump, short jump, long jump (and repeat). Ted cannot jump on diagonals and cannot land on water. A single long jump is the same length as a couple of short jumps. The following is a combination for crossing the river:

(1) short jump down, short jump right, long jump right (to the small, mossy stone);

(2) 2 short jumps up, 1 long jump right;

(3) short jump right, short jump up, long jump up;

(4) 2 short jumps right, 1 long jump up (overleaping 1 stone);

(5) short jump down, short jump right, long jump down;

(6) 2 short jumps down, 1 long jump right;

(7) short jump down, short jump right, long jump up;

(8) short jump up, short jump right, long jump down;

(9) short jump right;

Fone meets Big Brother

You now control Fone again. Optionally, talk to Ted and Ted's Big Brother. Head right as far as you can. Pick up the cigar stub on the dirt path near the bush.

Stupid, stupid rat creatures

You still control Fone. Talk to the monsters until the scene zooms out and you see yourself again. Wait for both monsters to turn toward each other. (Their feet, not just their faces, must be turned.) Then, take just a step backward and wait until both monsters turn toward each other again. Step and repeat, until Fone sneaks away from the monsters.

Repeat from the beginning (talking) if the monsters catch you before you can sneak away.

Fone meets the dragon

You still control Fone. Optionally, talk to the dragon. Go down and then left along the rocks, until you leave this scene.

Fone and the possums

You still control Fone. Talk to the possum kids. When the dialog topic becomes available, suggest playing hide and seek. (Optionally, you can play dead or tell stories but only hide and seek advances the plot.) When you play hide and seek, the possums' locations are randomized among many possible hiding spots. Click on any of the possible hiding spots (the mailbox, rocks, holes in deadwood) to check whether any of the possums is there. You have 9 guesses. The possums will occasionally give you "hot" or "cold" hints depending on your location.

Once the game of hide and seek ends, you go back to dialog with the possums. Suggest playing again if you have lost. Ask for directions if you have won.

Once you have won and received directions, exit past the bushes on the far left.

Fone meets Thorn

You still control Fone. Talk to Thorn until you agree to let her take you to her Gran'ma's farm.

Phoney meets Big Brother

You now control Phoney. Head right until you reach the river. On the way, Phoney's stomach will gurgle 3 times. Pick any dialog responses to the stomach.

Once you reach the river, talk to Big Brother until you insult him. As he prepares to charge you, click on the tall boulder directly behind you. You will stand next to it and Big Brother will knock into it.

Cross the river. Optionally, pick up and eat the apple on the ground beside the apple tree. Exit toward the dragon, via the dirt path in the bushes.

Phoney meets the dragon

Optionally, talk to the dragon and then Ted. Exit along the rock path, toward the possums.

Phoney and the possums

You still control Phoney. Head left and talk to the possums. When the dialog topic becomes available, agree to play hide and seek. You hide (sort of) and you must give hints to the possum who is looking for you. Notice which direction this possum is facing. Say "warm" to make the possum jump forward, "cold" to make the possum jump backward, or "hot" to make the possum spin and face another way. Once the first possum reaches you, the others start looking simultaneously. The hints still have the same effect but the other possums may be facing different directions. Help either one of them find you and then help the other.

Once the last possum has reached you, the trio scurry away. Exit via the far left.

Phoney finds Ted

You still control Phoney. Talk to Ted until you agree to go to Gran'ma Ben's farm.

Phoney meets Gran'ma

You still control Phoney. Talk to Gran'ma Ben until she resorts to violence to settle your differences.

Fone does gran'ma's tasks

You now control Fone again. Talk to Phoney as much as you want and then tell him you'll talk to him later. Talk to Gran'ma Ben as much as you want and then tell her you'll help with the chores. Pick either chore to do first: splitting wood or fetching water.

Splitting wood

Click on the axe handle. Fone cannot budge it. Talk to Ted until you agree to let him help. His termite friends eat the axe handle. Pick up the axe head. Get it from inventory and use it on the upright log. Go left and pick up the stone to the left of Gran'ma Ben. Return to the log and use the stone on the axe head. The log splits and Fone picks up half of it. Go back to Gran'ma Ben. Talk to her or make them give her the wood from inventory. Tell her you are done splitting the wood.

Fetching water

Take an ear of corn from the barrel near the house. Go toward Gran'ma's well. Optionally, click on the bucket and find the hole in it. Try to plug the hole in the bucket with the ear of corn. Optionally, try to plug it with the cigar butts. Click on the well. Talk to Thorn until she goes away.

Talk to the dragon in the well until you get him to breathe fire on the corn cob. Use the remainder of the cob to plug the hole in the bucket. Fone picks up the fixed bucket. Use it on the well. Then, talk to Gran'ma Ben or give her the bucket full of water. Tell her you are finished fetching the water.

Phoney gets turnips

You now control Phoney again. Optionally, click on any of the turnips in the ground to find out that Phoney is not strong enough to uproot them by hand. Head right and exit, past the bushes.

Talk to the possum kids. When the dialog topic becomes available, offer to tell an exciting story. Depending on the dialog choices that you select after this, the story will either make the possums play dead from fright, or give you the shovel out of pity. (Any combination works.) After the story, pick up the shovel if you have not already received it. Then, go back to the turnips and use the shovel on them. Phoney digs up the turnips and takes them.

Continue back past the possums, past the rocky part of the riverbank, and to the apple tree.

Phoney finds some apples

You still control Phoney. Walk left and talk to Big Brother until you insult him. Then, click on the apples in the tree. Big Brother will charge you, flinging you into the air. You will knock the apples off the tree and then pick them up. (Optionally, you can click on the tree instead of the apples and Big Brother will hit the tree but this will not make the apples fall. Then, you must talk to Big Brother and insult him again.) Once you have the apples and turnips, you will automatically take them back to Gran'ma Ben's farm.


You control Fone again. Talk to everyone until the topic "Yawn..." comes up. Then say "Yeah..." when asked if you want to go to bed.

Rat chase

You still control Fone. This sequence works exactly the same way as the Locust Chase, above.

Once you escape the Rat Creatures, the game's finale will play.

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