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Filipe Duarte Pina

Filipe Duarte Pina

A game designer, artist, and animator, Filipe Duarte Pina is a veteran in the video games industry. Before cofounding Nerd Monkeys in 2013, he cofounded Seed Studios in 2006 that was among the first video game development companies to emerge in Portugal. At Seed Studios, Pina had led the development of a number of casual and indie games on the console platforms, including ToyShop Tycoon for the…

Posted by Hamza Ansari, Philip Jong on 14 March 2014.
Tobias Frisch

Tobias Frisch

German indie game developer Studio Fizbin came into existence through a series of remarkable events. In 2010, the Filmakademie Baden-Wüerttemberg and the University of Weingarten cooperated on a joint student workshop, where students from both institutions met to work on projects experimenting in interactive media. Attending the workshop were a trio of students—Mareike Ottrand, Sebastian…

Posted by Mervyn Graham, Philip Jong on 07 January 2014.
Josef Fares

Josef Fares

Brothers: A Tale of Two Sons is the first adventure game project from veteran game developer Starbreeze Studios. The project was conceived by Swedish filmmaker Josef Fares, who spent 2 years on staff at the company leading the development of the game. The game tells of an emotional tale of an older brother and a younger brother who go on a dangerous quest together to try to save their ailing…

Posted by Philip Jong on 01 January 2014.
Rob Landeros

Rob Landeros

In 1990, Rob Landeros cofounded Trilobtye with Graeme Devine. The company released The 7th Guest, a game credited for ushering in the era of CD-ROM multimedia and technology in video games. The game also introduced the wealthy and enigmatic toymaker named Henry Stauf and his haunted mansion. The 7th Guest was praised for its gorgeous graphics and diabolical puzzles. A sequel titled The 11th Hour…

Posted by Philip Jong on 30 November 2013.
Alexander Bruce

Alexander Bruce

To say that Alexander Bruce is a tenacious indie game developer is no exaggeration. His game, Antichamber, has been in development since early 2009. Originally called Hazard: The Journey of Life, the game has undergone a number of major and minor revisions since its initial annoucement—an iterative process which Bruce simply attributes to be part of his game design philosophy. Even prior to its…

Posted by Philip Jong on 23 October 2013.
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