King's Quest III: To Heir is Human

Posted by Joppe Bos.
First posted on 20 November 1998. Last updated on 08 August 2009.
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Roberta Williams' King's Quest series is one of the best adventure game series ever produced. The series is known for its great storylines and beautiful imageries. One of the best titles in the series is King's Quest III: To Heir is Human. Published in 1986, the game not only stands as a technological revolution for its time in the competitive genre of adventure and role-playing games, it is…

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I got this game for my 13th birthday for my Tandy 1000 HX and was so excited.
I played through Space Quest I && II and had high hopes.
It stressed me out so much being under the gun with the time that I never made it through most of the game. It was one of the first games I really gave up on and I beat Zelda and Metroid and played a ton of Flight Simulator so I had patience.
Maybe some day I'll play through it on DosBox.

Canada By Ryan • On 28 May 2015 • From Somewhere

RE: Old Buford. It has been over 25 years since I played this game and have played all the games in the series. I found by selecting one room or one location at a time, and then going back to my room and hiding the stuff under my bed; I was able to avoid the wizard on almost every occasions. Main this is find something and go back to your room, don't be greedy.

Australia By Mervyn Graham • On 17 March 2014 • From Australia


I recently found a download for all 8 KQ's and i have to say i hated KQIII. I came upon this review while looking for advice on how to manage your time so youre not caught by the wizard over and over. I hated being under the gun of time, adventure games should allow you to explore all aspects without the constant clock ticking down to yet another death. Storyline was much improved but the fact that youre killed off so much and have to worry about the clock running out is a huge turn off. im still partial to the first KQ.

United States By Old Buford • On 15 March 2014 • From st. elsewhere, USA


Yes there was no internet, no online spoilers, walkthroughs or let's plays. You had to either shell out for a hint book, or play through it to the end.

That's the way it was and we liked it.

United States By reviewer • On 07 September 2010 • From Canada


This was the first Adventure game I've ever played and i was hooked from the first second I started it and became a fan of classic adventures ever since. Still play it for old times sake!

United States By Sebastiaan • On 03 September 2010 • From Hutchinson, USA


Actually, like every game in the series, King's Quest 3 was released with a hintbook, available separately.
So it's very unlikely that everybody thought there was no connection between the protagonist and King Graham.
There was no World Wide Web back then, tho, so i guess many people didn't buy the hint book and those who did had no way to spread the info.

Italy By Matteo • On 20 April 2010 • From Italy


this was an awesome game
i used to have it on my old computer wit windows 95, ivce tried looking everytwere on the net for another copy but i cant find one, i jhave xp now, can someone plz help me!!!

Australia By seone • On 27 November 2006 • From australiA


I would like the download of King's Quest 3 Heir is to Human the orignal pc game. I would like it to actually play it I've try to download it but it would go through. I would like to play I enjoy playing it very much so.

United States By Erica E. Brodie • On 01 September 2006 • From Spring Lake NC


original was an awsome game, desurves more recodnition then it gets, like all in the Kings Quest series

Australia By William Millward • On 19 June 2006 • From South Australia


I didn't like kq3 very much, but instead I loved number 4!
I agree with Mimi, graham just isn't a funny character.
Dying all the times isn't fun, that's mainly the reason I didn't like kq3

and nr8 Sucks so bad, i don't think it's even adventure, just killing.

Finland By Rat • On 31 March 2006 • From Helsinki, Finland
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