Prince of Persia 2: The Shadow & the Flame

Posted by George Souvatzidis.
First posted on 15 June 2015. Last updated on 15 June 2015.
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Prince of Persia 2: The Shadow and the Flame, released in 1993, is the sequel to Prince of Persia created by famed video game designer and filmmaker Jordan Mechner. The game is part of the original Prince of Persia trilogy that also includes Prince of Persia released in 1989 and Prince of Persia 3D released in 1999. The original Prince of Persia is among the first video games to use…

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Poor review. As has been stated, you can save the game. Cutscenes in the first Prince of Persia were not static - they were side-on in-engine silent scenes with short screens of text. You got the sword on the very first level. There were potions to replenish your health, although some of them were poison or made you float... or did something else. The jumping was also the same in the first Prince... and you get used to it.

There's too much focus on sound, music and graphics in this review and not much on gameplay. I'd say if you've played the first Prince this one's got far more variety in enemies, traps and puzzles. It's also much longer and rock hard so it works perfectly as a direct sequel. There will probably be plenty of times you may feel like giving up (the flying heads, fighting all those bird headdress-wearing swordsmen) but persevere. It's the best Prince of Persia game and was unfortunately overlooked at the time for the technically superior Flashback, which was overrated and a bit dull really.

United States By ansionnach • On 19 August 2015 • From Somewhere

Very Good

In my PC version of the game alt+something (M, I suppose) was the save key. It saved the beginning of the level, though...

United States By Luke • On 24 July 2015 • From Poland