Quest for Glory IV: Shadows of Darkness

Posted by Ernest Petti.
First posted on 12 June 1998. Last updated on 07 July 2010.
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The Quest for Glory series is among my favorite adventure game series ever. It combines the great fun and imagination of classic role-playing games with the skill and thinking of classic adventure games. This, plus the simple but enticing idea of becoming the hero of a town and rescuing it from evil, makes the game compelling. This fourth installment of the series, Quest for Glory IV: Shadows of…

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i grew up with the quest for glory games and the fourth has always been my faviour. it always annyoed me tho about the bugs that keep stopping the game.

Great Britain (UK) By Tristram • On 13 September 2006 • From London, UK


hey I lost my guide book years ago and haven't ever been able to beat qfg4 if anyone can send me a list of the potion codes I would love it.

United States By W T Collins • On 03 September 2006 • From Woodland Hills, USA


To Katie from Somewhere!

If you send me a fax number, I could let you have a copy of the magic potion codes from the manual. I cannot send the entire manual, but I could photocopy the codes and let you have them - if, of course you still require them?

Israel By Pamela • On 15 August 2006 • From Israel


Could someone please tell me where I can obtain the patch QG4PAT.ZIP for this game? I have almost reached the end and cannot continue because of the error message. Please contact me via my e-mail address and tell me where to find the patch?

Israel By Pamela Stoller • On 15 August 2006 • From Somewhere


I love this game, but when I found it there was no manual. So can't really finish it without the magic potion codes from the manual! Is there any place online that has the codes from the manual? I haven't been able to find them anywhere-not even ebay (without having to buy the whole game).

United States By Katie • On 08 May 2006 • From Somewhere


A formative experience in my early gaming days. The quality of voice-acting is superb, the narrative dialogue, always serve to build atmosphere, whether through comedic wit or serious insight, the characters' dialogue, beautifully written and acted.

United States By Tom • On 10 April 2006 • From Brooklyn, NY

I haven't been able to play SoD since having my 386 back in the mid 90's. Using DOS Box I was recently able to get it to run thanks to the information about the bugs contained in your review here.

United States By Jackie Chad • On 06 July 2005 • From North Georgia, USA

I agree with the QFG4 review.. too bad they did not offer patches to fix the bugs, especially error 52 at the Mad Monk's Tomb. If you have anything faster than a 486DX50MHz, it will crash.

Canada By Baba Yaga • On 15 August 2004 • From Toronto, ON, Canada

I'm compelled to say that the writer of the review is reviewing this game as a part of a hole but if this game were to be reviewed as different you an I will agree it atleast deserves an 4,5 or higher because even to this day I find it the best game of the series and the best adventure I know of

Netherlands By Levithan • On 05 August 2003 • From Willemstad, Holland

this is the most bug ridden game i have ever played. I can't even finish the game unless i put it on a slower computer, luckily i own one. So i am able to finish playing this horibly bugged game. It almost seems as though Sierra doesnt care about quality, only the money.

United States By david • On 30 April 2003 • From st. benedict, la
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