King's Quest V: Absence Makes the Heart Go Yonder!

Posted by Eivind Hagerup.
First posted on 29 May 1998. Last updated on 23 May 2010.
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After King's Quest IV: The Perils of Rosella, Roberta Williams needs to rethink the basics for the next sequel in King's Quest series. The market is changing to where most people does not want to take the time to learn to type, spell, or figure out how to talk to a computer via an adventure game. She has to design an icon interface with that future in mind; something that is about as easy to use…

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A novice pc guy do I get this dos game to work in XP...I have tried different things, and all I get is unable to initialize audio...and the sierra screen comes up and just stays there...any help would be great

Canada By dan • On 28 January 2007 • From ottawa, Canada


Where can I download this game from through the internet . ANY1!! please say

Great Britain (UK) By Bakr • On 14 October 2006 • From Ilford London

dose any one know where i can download kings quest 4

United States By veronica • On 26 August 2006 • From lawton

Very Good

WHERE CAN I DOWN LOAD THIS GAME OFF THE INTERNET?!?! I am a HUGE fan of the old adventure games, like Kings quest 5 and 6. never played 7, would like to find a download for that. E-mail me a link to any kq5 downloads.

United States By Joshua The Magnificent • On 30 July 2006 • From Coeur 'd Alene Idaho


This game is a true classic, not to mention this is my favorite game in the whole king's quest series. It diplays nice and beutiful VGA graphics. The sound is great, even if you are using an internal pc speaker. My second favorite king's Quest game is King's quest VI. I'm currently playing King's quest V.

United States By Charles • On 28 May 2006 • From Rushville, United States

Kings Quest 5 is the very best adventure game i have ever played. It had an incredible emotional impact on me as a kid. Why? Beacause of the incredible fantasy world of Roberta Williams and the perfect maching sound tracks for eatch environment. This with a good story must have made sierra prodigys at producing a masterpiece with just 16 colors EGA at hand. If there is only one adventure game you should love, KQ5 is the one. You can feel the warmth of the sun as Cedric
flies with Graham in his claws over Daventry.
(yes even in the EGA version)

Will we ever experience an adventure like this again ? - Games as this arent produced anymore!

Sweden By Joseph.S • On 05 March 2005 • From Laholm/Sweden

TO the computer and it has to be on windos XP
plase right back any one I would look a ford to it.

United States By george • On 22 June 2004 • From WIGENT

My program was the old disks that no longer fit in current computers.

How can I get a didk with this program to play on the PC??

United States By Cliff • On 10 May 2004 • From San Clemente, CA USA

i bought kings quest 5 at best buy and it has a defect on the save game and it wont let me save the game as i go and i was wondering if you can snd me a link to where i can download and fix the save game part of my kings quest 5 game...thank-you, Brenda

By Brenda Paynter • On 24 March 2002 • From Indianapolis,Indiana,46222

This is an excellent site. I miss the old, traditional adventure games like king's quest 5 and 6.

By Beau Derque • On 16 September 2000 • From Missouri
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