King's Quest V: Absence Makes the Heart Go Yonder!

Posted by Eivind Hagerup.
First posted on 29 May 1998. Last updated on 23 May 2010.
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After King's Quest IV: The Perils of Rosella, Roberta Williams needs to rethink the basics for the next sequel in King's Quest series. The market is changing to where most people does not want to take the time to learn to type, spell, or figure out how to talk to a computer via an adventure game. She has to design an icon interface with that future in mind; something that is about as easy to use…

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"I cannot think of any other adventure game from early 1990s that has a multimedia CD-ROM version"

From the same year the CD-ROM version of this game was released (1992) you have at least Loom, Monkey Island and Space Quest IV released in CD-ROM too.

New Zealand (Aotearoa) By shankao • On 01 August 2017 • From Somewhere


I think they should've put on the game box "Hint book required" because the game seemed to be designed so you have to get the Hint Book.(sadly not the only game). Labrynths are to andventure games what moving platforms are to plaform games. A royal pain. But this goes a litt too far with the castle labrynth. That and too many cheap deaths and annoying parts like the desert pull the game down. I finally finished it, was less a joy and more an end to a chore.

United States By reviewer • On 05 September 2010 • From Canada


how do and wut do I type in the dosbox (emulator)

United States By Dominic • On 23 May 2010 • From Westland

I really enjoyed your article Eivind. I first played this game nearly 20 years ago when it was first released. I have just played the game again and still got so much enjoyment out of it.
Your article was exceptional and I agree with everything that you commented on. This indeed was a "world changing moment" for computer games when Roberta Williams introduced drop-down windows and 256 colors. Roberta was and still is a genius, a forerunner in the industry and a name held in the highest esteem. If not for her, we would probably still be playing text-parser games.
Great article and I really enjoyed reading it.

Australia By Mervyn Graham • On 14 April 2010 • From Australia


yes , very good

Viet Nam By HaoHoaKHach • On 30 January 2008 • From VietNam


I have played this game in Amiga 500 with 5 floppy disc and it was like tortur to change the disks it still worth it I have loved the background paintings I just played the game for the graphics I should say and ofcourse them music is also nice. Good Game

Turkey By Volkan KUTLUBAY • On 27 July 2007 • From ISTANBUL-TURKEY


The game is just so kool that i couldnt imagin in my self.I cant sleep without playing this game.I wish i could just be playing this game the whole time...

Egypt By Atif • On 06 June 2007 • From Cairo,Egypt


Its a good game.I like it...

Egypt By Atif • On 06 June 2007 • From Cairo


Thanks to the post of 'I loves dos' I am now in kq5 heaven. I too was having the same issues as Dan, with kq5 not working in XP. DOSBox saved the day and my mind!. kq5 now works like a charm and I am off to begin my quest.....just wanted to give my thanks

Australia By scarlette • On 25 February 2007 • From QLD, Australia


@ dan, mate try typing dosbox into google, it's a brilliant little toy for all your dos using needs...

Australia By i loves dos • On 30 January 2007 • From NSW, Australia
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