Monty Python's The Meaning of Life

Posted by Erik Gos.
First posted on 27 April 1998. Last updated on 08 April 2011.
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Is it possible to find the meaning of life? Does life have a meaning? Does this meaning, if there is one at all, make any sense? Is life just silly or is it bloody serious? Where does one start the quest to find the meaning of life? Which aspect of life one needs to experience to find the meaning of life? Only Monty Python can provide you with answers to the above questions!

In Monty Python's…

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Hi, I'm looking for help. Just bought a new computer with Windows XP and can't install the above mentioned game. Where and how can I get a version that is compatible with Windows XP?
Any advice and help is appreciated.
Also, just read about the bugs. How can they be fixed? Any idea?
Cheers, Kirsten

United States By Kiki • On 11 April 2003 • From Sarajevo, Bosnia and Herzegovina

I just purchased Monty Python's The Meaning of Life game in a resale shop. It loads w/o error on my Windows 98 PC (with Direct-X 8), but locks the PC when I try to run it. If you can offer any suggestions, I'd sure appreciate it. (Also, if you can supply fixes or work-arounds for the two fatal bugs you mentioned and a way to get around the endless questions, that too would be much appreciated.



By Larry • On 28 January 2001 • From Cherry Hill, NJ

One can finish the Meaning of Life Game. I have to work abouts for this on my site.
For the work abouts go to:

By Betty Cat • On 01 June 2000 • From USA
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