Monty Python's The Meaning of Life

Posted by Erik Gos.
First posted on 27 April 1998. Last updated on 08 April 2011.
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Is it possible to find the meaning of life? Does life have a meaning? Does this meaning, if there is one at all, make any sense? Is life just silly or is it bloody serious? Where does one start the quest to find the meaning of life? Which aspect of life one needs to experience to find the meaning of life? Only Monty Python can provide you with answers to the above questions!

In Monty Python's…

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Very Good

TIME IS GOLD ......because i believe time is gold is the beutiful quotation

Canada By vesallus • On 16 July 2012 • From africa


Check the Complete Waste Of Time forum for help with Windows XP Professional installation.

Mine has worked for years you Twits.

United States By Brian Barnett • On 17 June 2011 • From San Francisco, Ca.


HEY!!! I found the answer to the biggest question - What is the meaning of life. You know what it is? It is to understand the external creation in sameness as ones inner organs and when one has understood this one is no longer needed in this planet and leaves to others for new experiences.

Norway By Andreas Harkiolakis • On 14 January 2011 • From NORWAY :(


I have now Windiws 7 Home Edition and i can't install Monthy Python's Meaning of Life game.
Can you help me please?

France By Jose Luis Delgado Martins Tavares • On 18 April 2010 • From Lisboa, Portugal

Very Good

I've had the game for years, but haven't been able to play since I moved off my Windows '95 PC. I'm on a custom XP CP at present, can I play my Windows 95 game on it? How? Thanks!

United States By Alan Ropp • On 19 February 2009 • From Cincinnati,Ohio, USA

hi. ı've just install the game from a cd image file; they are .mdf and .mds. it is installed well and ı am running it with the compatibility thing (windows 98). the problem is, most of the sounds in the game are muted somehow. either the files are missing or there is a problem with compatibility about directx or smth. I dont know. ı can not hear the main sounds. can you write the list of files you have? or am ı doing something wrong again: only problem is the sound. thanx.

Turkey By bloodlust • On 18 February 2008 • From turkey

Regarding the Attic bug, there's a third workaround if you have the storage space for it. You can copy the contents of the two CDs, keeping the same file structure, into a Folder on your hard drive or a removeable drive such as a USB flash drive (tha's what I did) and install it from there.
When you copy the BIN and RESOURCE folders from the 2nd CD, you will get a warning that the destination folder already contains folders of the same names and any files with the same names would be overwritten. That's not a problem as all of the files have different names, so go ahead and combine the contents of the folders.
Install the game from there instead of from the CDs and you won't need the CDs at all. You will also never be prompted to change disks, and that Attic bug will never rear its ugly head.

United States By gene • On 09 February 2008 • From US

Getting the game to install and run in Windows XP isn't too difficult. If you want to run the game from the CDs, follow these steps:
Open 'My Computer.'
Insert Disk 1 and immediately press and hold down the left shift key on your keyboerd for 10 seconds or so. This temporarily disables Autorun.
When you see the name of the CD (mol_cd_1) in My Computer, you can release the Shift key.
Select the CD and find the file "Setup" (or "Setup.exe" if your computer isn't set to hide file extensions).
Right-click the file and select "Properties."
In the Properties window, click the "Compatability" tab.
Put a checkmark in the box next to "Run this program in compatability mode for:" and select "Windows98 / Windows Me" in the drop-down menu beneath.
Click "OK" and then either run Setup or remove and re-insert the CD, this time letting it Autorun.

Pay attention to the location of the files that will be installed on your hard drive (you can change the location if you want to) and don't let Setup install DirectX 5. Windows XP is beyond DirectX 5 anyway, so you don't need it.
Once the game is installed, navigate to the hard drive folder with the game files and find the file "MOL" (or MOL.exe) and repeat the procedure you used on the Setup file.
The game should now run just fine. ...well, except for all the bugs.

United States By gene • On 09 February 2008 • From US


I remember playing this game years ago and I'm not surprised they haven't updated it for XP. It wasn't even complete when they did put it out. As mentioned in the post at the bottom of the page you get to the last "stage" and the game takes a fatal crash. Wheee! Yes, there are "work arounds" to let you finish but that's really sloppy work guys. Not blaming the Pythons cause I'm sure they know nothing about it but there should have been lots better Quality Testing involved. Oh and it's funny how they were so afraid of the Muslims (even then). Never thought I'd ever see the Pythons too chicken to make fun of anybody. Live and learn.

United States By Charles Adams • On 18 June 2007 • From Atlanta USA


I've had this game for years, and have just upgrade my computer. As others have noted -- it will not run on Windows XP -- is there any way around this?

United States By Doug • On 22 November 2006 • From Newport NC
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