Relentless: Twinsen's Adventure

Posted by Philip Jong.
First posted on 19 February 1998. Last updated on 27 July 2010.
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The origin of Relentless: Twinsen's Adventure owes much to Alone in the Dark. This is because Frederik Raynal, Serge Pagnol, and Didier Chamfray, the creators of this game, are responsible for creating the original Alone in The Dark title. Otherwise, there is little else of resemblance between these games, including a distinct European favor found in the former that is not found in the latter.…

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Paid to download this game but there is a glitch and I need a patch when Twinsen is on Principal Island. I kill everyone, get the key to Funfrock's HQ but the door doesn't open. Any ideas?

Canada By Elizabeth Sellwood • On 22 June 2012 • From Toronto,CANADA

Very Good

Cool universe created in this very good game.

Romania By Bob • On 04 July 2011 • From Romania


This game was my childhood!

Great Britain (UK) By Adam • On 02 July 2011 • From Cambridge,England


best game ever!!!<3<3....i really want to play it again...can sm1 help share its files!!!PLEASE!!

Bangladesh By myesha • On 08 April 2011 • From dhaka,bangladesh


I was wondering how you took such nice screenshots :). Please share. Thank you.

Malaysia By Kerina • On 23 September 2009 • From Somewhere


In the Top100 of all PC games ever made.

Canada By JP • On 19 July 2009 • From USA


Everyone should know there are audio patches, XP patches, video patches, no cd patches to protect you investment(!)and there are a few LBA fan sites out there where you can get all these! I have the game running full screen, at the right speed and with all the good sounds and music. All running in XP Pro on my 2.8ghz dual core AMD 64x2 and Nvidia 8600 video card! :) I play more retro than modern PC games now, as PC gaming has got so shallow and predictable! On PC we have fewer releases than ever and quality drops almost bi-yearly!

Great Britain (UK) By uk_john • On 27 April 2009 • From London. England


No game I've played was ever quite as good as LBA1 and LBA2

Singapore By Alex • On 22 April 2009 • From Somewhere


Great game....but it doesnt work with dosbox :(

Germany By Benni • On 07 July 2008 • From Celle, Germany


Superb game!

Netherlands By billybob • On 03 May 2008 • From Somewhere
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