Companions of Xanth

Posted by Joseph Lindell.
First posted on 07 December 2010. Last updated on 07 December 2010.
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No, you are not in Kansas anymore. Rather, you are in Xanth, accompanied by a Naga princess attempting to douse the foul censer-ships that censor and incense the inhabitants of Isthmus Village. Still do not believe in magic, Mundane?

Such is the setting of Legend Entertainment's Companions of Xanth, a zany and pun filled romp based on the fantasy world of Xanth created by famed author Piers…

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Very Good

Played this one a couple of years ago on my PC and I have to say it looks amazing. Probably at the time it was a hit.

Germany By markegiani • On 08 February 2015 • From Novi Sad, Serbia