Lighthouse: The Dark Being

Posted by Eran Cohen.
First posted on 19 July 2009. Last updated on 04 January 2014.
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Edward George Bulwer-Lytton was a notable English writer, politician, and nobleman in the 19th century. While his political career spanned decades, he was best remembered for his literary works, such as The Last Days of Pompeii, Pelham, and The Coming Race. His writings, however, had often been criticized as overly dramatic, extravagant, and florid. The opening to his novel, Paul Clifford, had…

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My Kid and I played this game for years, we lost our House in Hurricane Katrina and my son always asks
did you find Lighthouse yet! years later he still asks. Could you please tell me how to download the game for windows 7?

Thank you in Advance!

United States By Nina Capone • On 08 May 2014 • From Riverside U.S.A


No different endings? In that you are wrong, you clearly haven't played this game. It has 16 different endings.

Netherlands By Bart • On 03 January 2014 • From The Netherlands

my friend, thank your for your kind remarks. I've re-read the manual which came with my game, and there is no mention of alternate endings. My copy of the game is of the earlier version (the one which should be patched), so it is possible that the manual has also been "patched" for later release.

Canada By Eran • On 10 November 2010 • From Israel


According to the article, there are no alternate endings. This is untrue. The manual says that there are 16, although most are different combinations of decisions you may make which are wrapped up at the end. This can include capturing the Dark Being, allowing him to escape from the lab, allowing him to escape through the portal, blowing up the Dark Being's lab, and failing to rescue Krick's daughter.

United States By Justin • On 07 November 2010 • From Orlando, FL, United States