Posted by Philip Jong.
First posted on 15 November 1997. Last updated on 24 February 2010.
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Claimed to be over 2 years in the making, Cyberia is billed by Xatrix Interactive Design as "an arcade/adventure game that pushes interactive entertainment to the next level". Whether or not this laudable claim is true is highly debatable. Considered to be more hype than substance, Cyberia is an easy game to criticize. While the cinematic cut scenes are certainly visually stunning, its poor…

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Perfect game!

Remaster this for PS4 and Xbox One!

United States By Celio Azevedo • On 26 December 2015 • From Rio de Janeiro, Brazil


This picture isn't from Cyberia game. That's a wrong one!

United States By Celio Azevedo • On 26 December 2015 • From Rio de Janeiro, Brazil


I love this game.

Egypt By heba • On 07 January 2011 • From cairo


Cyberia has a stunning grafis and have the best soundtrack ever criated.
Excelent !

Brazil By Alexandre Lima • On 12 April 2009 • From Porto Seguro, Brasil

Very Good

hey man, i loved that game! And i still remember the "cheat"! On one of the original CDs there was a savegame named "zak" which you had to copy into your cyberia folder. After that you start the game and when you get asked for your name you type "zak" into the console. Now you can access every part of the game by simply loading it. Voila! :-)

Germany By devox • On 16 May 2008 • From germany


When I was a kid the Game Rocked. I wish I still had a copy. Try it if you get a chance

United States By gant • On 21 November 2006 • From new orlean


This game inspired me to become the visual artist I am now. Someone should make Cyberia 3D or something recreating the original plot, music and graphics that made this title such a classic.

Bolivia By Waldo Vargas • On 05 September 2006 • From Cochabamba, Bolivia


A very very good game........

Colombia By Nestor Sanabria • On 11 May 2006 • From Bogotá, Colombia


I loved this game when I was a kid, however I dont have the game anymore and I was wondering if anyone knows where I can download the game.

United States By Zach Spinler • On 16 April 2006 • From Great Falls, US

I know it`s a bit late but I LOVED both Cyberia games !!!

By Ronald • On 24 August 2001 • From Holland