Benoît Sokal

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Posted by Matt Barton, Philip Jong.
First posted on 27 June 2008. Last updated on 26 January 2012.
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There are few serious fans of the modern adventure genre who will not recognize the name Benoît Sokal. To most fans, he is best known as the celebrated designer and developer of the award winning and highly creative adventure game Syberia. He is also the creator of Amerzone, Paradise, and most recently, Sinking Island. Sokal, a noted comic book artist (Inspecteur Canardo) in his own right,…

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I would like very much to support Mr. Benoît Sokal. I think he is an intellectual human being who cares about nature, and the most important is building a new Geometry for earth. Earth need to be treated well. She is a rich planet, but it has lots of poor minds. Syberia games are the best games released by rich minded people who care about nature, culture, and the most important is Geometry. The Pyramids, the Babylonian tower were know because of there geometry. Every single invention is eternal according to its geometry. At last, the good from the beginning of time has less fortunes from the bad. Thanks Benoît.

Lebanon By Simon Hadid • On 08 June 2011 • From Tripoli, Lebanon


"Adventure as we knew it is probably dying, or at least in a bad shape. It is not because the community is not there anymore. It is due to the market structure."

These are very important sentances! What should we do to fix the market structure? What should we do to bring back the producing good advenutre games! I think that internet is killing adventure game makers!

Bulgaria By Ivan Borisov • On 11 August 2009 • From Rousse, Bulgaria


I just finished playing Syberia 1 and 2, having played adventure games on p.c./consoles for over 20 years I have to say Syberia is by far the best I have played so far. Great work from Benoit, and I look forward to playing future games of his. I would hope for another Kate Walker game (not Syberia 3 but a new adventure with Kate or another similar character).
Kate Walkers interaction with Oscar the automaton was great and reminded me of great stories like Star Wars and R2D2.
Excellent, more of the same please.

Great Britain (UK) By Allan Watkins • On 12 April 2009 • From Welshpool


I really loved Syberia I and II.
Kate Walker is an outstanding and well-played character in the series.

I haven't played Amerzone since I cannot find any of them on the game shelves.

Philippines By Frances • On 21 March 2009 • From Somewhere

i Just want Kate Walker back . I enjoyed that game so much.. i have not played a game since that is as good as Syberia, Thank you for your time Deb

United States By Debbie • On 26 February 2009 • From Texas


Great feature with a great man.

Romania By NEo • On 09 July 2008 • From Somewhere

I like Benoît Sokal's games as I enjoyed Syberia 1 and 2 tremendously.

I haven't played Sinking Island and I'm looking forward to play the game. Only thing I'm worried is, because it is a who-dun-it game, I hope there is no asking of questions repeatedly and going to the same old rooms again and again.

I've played Murder on the Orient Express and that is an awful game because of the repeated questions and tasks (asking repeatedly, comparing footprints, visiting the same old rooms/locations etc is boring).

I will take the risk to play Sinking Island as Benoît Sokal has a reputation for fun games.

Canada By Jenny • On 09 July 2008 • From Somewhere


great interview.

Greece By Vaseleos • On 28 June 2008 • From Athens, Greece