Posted by Philip Jong.
First posted on 22 October 1997. Last updated on 13 August 2009.
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Shivers is Sierra On-Line's second attempt to develop an adventure game in the horror genre. The first attempt with Phantasmagoria has met with mixed feelings by game critics. Inspired by a personal interest in archaeology, game designer Marcia Bales also elicits the help of Roberta Williams (who is the writer of Phantasmagoria) as a consultant to the script writing. To enhance the replay value…

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I played this game when it first came out, i would love to buy a copy but can't find it for sale anywhere, can anyone point me in the right direction please?

Great Britain (UK) By Louise Farquhar • On 02 August 2006 • From Letchworth Garden City Hertfordshire England


I have played this game a handful of times over the last decade, and have to say that it still stands as one of my all time favourite adventure games. So many modern horror/mystery adventure games try to capture the same atmosphere that these early games did, but in so many ways, they just seem to pale by comparison (and I hate saying things like that). I have yet to play the full version of Scratches, but somehow the demo just didn't grab me the way Shivers did, and still does.

Canada By Lee Edward McIlmoyle • On 15 July 2006 • From Hamilton, Ontario, Canada

Very Good

I purchased this game when i was very young, and have not yet completed it. It has a storyline that keeps you hooked and has amazing graphics. But one complaint is that the game seems to go on forever. The music is also very chilling and made the game whole.

Great Britain (UK) By Rachel Van Oss • On 13 May 2006 • From UK

Very Good

I've recently replayed this game after years of it gathering dust, and I am still happy to report that it is still a puzzle gamers classic must have. I rank it right up there the the ancient "Bioforge" I would definitel like to see more of the strategy/horror genre. Who knows, maybe a Shivers 3?

United States By Mark Wietting • On 02 April 2006 • From Channahon, IL USA

I would like to know where to get hints on the very first Shivers game.

United States By Vicki Maschino • On 02 April 2004 • From North Vernon, IN USA

I just loved this game, and it's follow-up, Shivers II: Harvest of Souls. Both were highly original & unique, beautifully crafted and had great, convincing stories. Although there were some drawbacks in the gameplay (repetition, or confusing details) I was completely obsessed by both while playing! Both games are a must for any fan of adventure gaming.

Australia By Marvelle • On 05 March 2003 • From Sydney, Australia

I have not played Shivers in a couple of years. I very much enjoyed the game and played it twice. (I did have to go online for some hints because of my frustration) I have been looking for another game to play for a while that has all the technical qualities that this game has. I am now trying The Crystal Key and don't like the slow moving screens. With Shivers I could maneuver around just as if I was walking in the scene myself. Which other game have you developed that is as exciting and challenging as this. I would like to buy it.

By Vicky • On 30 July 2002 • From Belleville, IL USA

i've searched shivers puzzle and arcade games and where i get(free downlowdable demo)them

By manol zahariev • On 10 April 2002 • From sofia,bulgaria

I purchased,"Shivers,"A few years back and it seems to be an interesting game and I have only one problem with it.Even with the lighting control,it's still too dark to see many of the game's clues.How does one manage to get it bright enough to see the foreground?

By Frank • On 12 March 2002 • From USA
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