Posted by Philip Jong.
First posted on 22 October 1997. Last updated on 13 August 2009.
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Shivers is Sierra On-Line's second attempt to develop an adventure game in the horror genre. The first attempt with Phantasmagoria has met with mixed feelings by game critics. Inspired by a personal interest in archaeology, game designer Marcia Bales also elicits the help of Roberta Williams (who is the writer of Phantasmagoria) as a consultant to the script writing. To enhance the replay value…

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I played Shivers several times aftr the release in 2005 and it was awesome. I wish that another version was available to play on Win XP or Win 7. It was a great game , one of the best!

United States By Pam • On 01 March 2011 • From Salt Lake City, USA


I played this game with my brother when it came out on windows problems. now we both wanted to play it again but on xp/vista.for some reason the video is reduces making it harder to see symbolls. went to serria but they nolonger support it.found some others (fans)who are having the same problem making it full screen. any suggestions. thanks for any help. wade 10/14/08

United States By wade hampton • On 14 October 2008 • From santa


Great game, the setting is very good!

Netherlands By Mic2000 • On 06 August 2008 • From Utrecht, Netherlands

Very Good

I don't know how to win this game with red balls (chinese game)in Shivers. It's very difficult. Anyone help me? Please. By the way I love Shivers. Great game!

Poland By Frog • On 12 December 2007 • From Somewhere


God, I loved this game! First PC game I ever bought. Must have run up the old phone bill by calling their 900 number for hints. (I hated that damn Chinese checkers puzzle!)

Man, I wish they made more games like this today...

Great site by the way. Keep up the good work!

United States By Brian • On 17 August 2007 • From Chicago


I bought this game years ago when I had a little pentium 90 and was running windows 95 and amazingly last night I managed to get it running in XP in compatibility mode, it runs perfectly, it is as atmospheric and gripping as ever,the puzzles are so absorbing, they don't make em like this any more!!!

Great Britain (UK) By Flyss Williams • On 03 July 2007 • From Derby UK


This game is essentially puzzle adventure perfection. It spawned a very worthy sequel and in my opinion was the last really great Sierra adventure game. This game is special for me not just because it carried on the Sierra legacy of offering the most immersive, addictive, and technologically advanced gameplay experience on the market, but because it really did define the last huff of life that the Sierra adventure title had left in its lungs.
This was the era of the first person shooter, when the zoloft-popping teenage outcast started to define what was selling in the world of computer games. I think that "Shivers", "Shivers 2", and "Lighthouse" were the end of the line. If you could show a dot on a timeline, it would be then, which is why this game will always be special for me. :)

United States By Rich • On 04 March 2007 • From Boston, USA


loved the game.
also. who is rachel van oss???? is that your real name?

Great Britain (UK) By rar • On 09 October 2006 • From Somewhere


I LOVE this game. It's been YEARS since I've played it, and I want to play it again... I'd have to re-purchase it, but prior to doing that, I need to know if it will work on my current OS - (Win XP Pro), since it was built for Win3.x / Win95?
Can someone please email me w/ this info - Will Shivers (the ORIGINAL) play on an XP Pro OS?
Thanks :)

United States By STR1KERcom • On 04 September 2006 • From Harpers Ferry, WV


This was one of the very first games I got for my computer. I havent been able to find another like it since. The puzzles were great and I have played it and finished it many times. We upgraded our computer and I havent been able to play it since. I wish I could on the windows nt.I would play it again if I had the chance.

United States By Bonnie • On 08 August 2006 • From Jacksonville, Fl
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