Posted by David Tanguay.
First posted on 11 December 2006. Last updated on 09 August 2009.
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In DreamWeb, you play a disturbed young man named Ryan living in a grungy, near future world who has to hunt down 7 evil powers that are threatening to take control of the Dreamweb. The Dreamweb is a metaphysical reality that somehow influences our own on a psychological level. The Dreamweb is guarded by 7 guardians. These guardians have groomed you, through your dreams, to be their instrument…

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"Particularly violence against women"

What a stupid way to end a fairly competent review. A significantly higher amount of men are killed in this game, and in very brutal ways too. It's too bad the reviewed had to destroy all his credibility in one fell swoop like that.

Mexico By TheMythof_Feminism • On 09 June 2016 • From Somewhere


One of the best stories in gaming world EVER !!!!
When I played it back then on my Amiga 500, I was not astounded by visuals. However, music was great and sad as the script. I don't understand the reviewer, cause this game is FANTASTIC. The more I was involved in, the more it became clear that I can't stop playing until I finish the god damn game.
The feeling when you finish the game is undescribeable !

Germany By markegiani • On 08 February 2015 • From Novi Sad, Serbia


I'm just commenting this to put one thing right which the reviewer has gotten so blatantly wrong that I'm still baffled.

There is talk of the game violence being preferrably and intentionally directed at WOMEN. But this is just plainly not the case.

SPOILER AHEAD: There is a lot of gore and murder in this game, but there is just one female death onscreen, while about 10 scenes of grisly murder all involve male victims. The story does involve 7 planned murders (5 men, two women, some male bystanders), with the other female death put offscreen. (Which could even be seen as some kind of "chickening out" because of concerns considering "violence against women" issues.) In the infamous "sex murder" scene, Crane's groupie is intentionally spared and manages to hide under the bed. There are tons of similar scenes in violent movies that turn out the exact opposite...

It's fine not to like this game IMO, but there is no need for unfair public badmouthing that is grounded on contrived accusations...

United States By blam666 • On 07 June 2013 • From Somewhere


"DreamWeb feels like it should be a much better game than it is. There is a lot of effort put into small details to give the game a great ambience. Unfortunately, not as much effort or creativity is put into the main script to make the game a worthwhile adventure. Together with the poor interface, I simply cannot recommend this game. It is not terrible, but there are too many better games to play instead."

You don't really know what you're talking about, don't you? It isn't casual that we all here agree that this is one of the best cyberpunk adventure-game of all times.
In fact, I remember how the gloomy ambience, the compelling script -was Ryan a lunatic or were all that true? It's everything a dream!?- and the awkward but the innovative interface grabbed my attention at first sight.
Yes, this was a great game for which I would love to see a sequel.
It's sad you just can catch with it, heh.

Argentina By martin • On 25 December 2012 • From Somewhere

I wonder if this game was a direct inspiration for Hotline Miami.

United States By me@there.com • On 23 December 2012 • From Somewhere


One of the best adventure cyberpunk games ever! I rly disagree with the poor the mark it's got from the reviewer. Anyway, this game is masterpiece to me. Especially the music! Cheers!

France By Lucas • On 05 October 2012 • From Poland


Strongly disagree with the rewiew, for the time was the best I've had even today is a pioneer of this type of genre. They have not been very common this type of games (in all its concept) but it was the best I've played.

In all sections is truly exceptional, graphics, stories, dialogues, details of the world, scenarios, interface and especially the music and ambience, great!

Really it is impossible these days but decearia see a sequel to this game. Something to keep everything the same but today with techniques and graphics and would not be bad if they do it again from above (dreaming).


Argentina By Nicolas • On 25 October 2011 • From Bahia Blanca, Argentina

Very Good

Honestly, this is one of my favorite games from that time. I don't understand all the bad reviews for this game. Sure it had some design flaws, but overall i really enjoyed it.

United States By Jamie • On 06 March 2011 • From Dallas

Very Good

While not being a traditional adventure game (whatever) it's story plus atmosphere are good enough to make it fun to play. It has many flaws as a game, but as an interactive movie it's touching. Technically it's flawless but a bit wasted, and the music is great. So is the voice acting of the TALKIE-Version.

For free a MUST play for an adventure gamer.

Germany By Andy • On 12 January 2009 • From Germany


Have to agree with the posters before me, this review doesn't do justice to this game. The game is not about hunting down 7 people, it's about Dreamweb. Or about a madman acting on his dreams.

One of the best atmospheres in gaming (helped by an excellent soundtrack) makes this a classic adventure.

Hungary By Zatapatique • On 14 June 2008 • From Somewhere
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