Posted by John Campbell.
First posted on 21 August 2001. Last updated on 17 July 2010.
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Planetfall is a work of interactive fiction penned by the infamous Infocom Implementor Steve Meretzky. You may have cursed his name once or twice if you have ever played Sorcerer or the Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy (for which you should also be given a medal if you have completed either game without hints). Planetfall is Meretzky's first solo effort at writing for Infocom. As a pure text…

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fantastic. can't get enough.

United States By marc schandl • On 11 July 2007 • From smx, california


While the parser was relatively primitive and quirky as an early Infocom game, Planetfall was one of their best. Not because of the puzzles, or the story, but because it is one of the few games (of any genre) to invoke compassion.

Most games go for suspense, or comedy, or horror, but the most difficult is making the player actually care about the characters. Planetfall nails this with Floyd, one of the most memorable sidekicks of any game ever created.

As you progress in the adventure, Floyd endears himself to you in no other way any other character in a game has. Floyd sings, tells jokes, and ultimately sacrifices everything for you, and by the time the game is over if you haven't emotionally bonded with the little guy, then you must be one jaded individual.

A timeless classic. I've played and finished almost all of the Infocom text adventures including LGOP, HHGTTG, Zork 1, 2, 3, Deadline, etc, and Planetfall simply was their best. It can be frustrating, but love conquers all.

United States By Glenn Geiss • On 02 September 2006 • From Port Orchard, USA


The only game I solved all by myself. Except for one hint from my brothers about the East-West corridor going on, not stopping as I thought. Making me try every combination on the door lock to get through. Also extending the ladder and shotting the laser are not handled well by the parser. Good game. Floyd's cute and amusing. Try Stationfall too that's good.

Europe By David Ledgard • On 01 May 2006 • From Portsmouth, England.


I bought the books Planetfall and Stationfall by Arthur Byron Cover back in the late 80's... they weren't quite as edgy and brilliant as The Hitchhiker's Guide, but they were both quite charming and very funny, nonetheless.

I never did see the game itself, but I can quite easily imagine how they got the one (the books) from the other (the game, that is), remembering my earliest days playing the merest scraps of what text adventures I came across on those early home computers back in the 80's as well.

Suddenly on a nostalgia trip. Thanks for the memories... *grin*

By Lee Edward McIlmoyle • On 22 September 2001 • From Hamilton, Ontario, Canada