Gabriel Knight: Sins of the Fathers

Posted by Philip Jong.
First posted on 16 October 1997. Last updated on 13 August 2009.
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Sierra On-Line makes a splash in the history of adventure gaming with the release of Gabriel Knight: Sins of the Fathers. Under the direction of writer Jane Jensen, the first title in Gabriel Knight series is the among the first adventure games that feature fictional stories based on real life legends or events. Thoroughly researched, Jensen has brought an unparalleled sense of authenticity that…

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I played this on PC couple of years ago. It's a good game with an interesting story, but I don't know what's all this hype about. The only thing that is above average in GK is the relationship between Grace and Gabriel.
The sequel is lot more interesting as it is one of my favourite adventure games EVER. Worth every penny .....

Germany By markegiani • On 08 February 2015 • From Novi Sad, Serbia


Had to play this as it is regarded as one of the classics. However, i was really disappointed. There is a great story, but where are the "great voice actors". At times it's so bad its almost funny. And a lot of the puzzles are pixel chasing. How are you supposed to know you can click at those five pixels over at the left corner to get some clay or clothes. And some others are just play too hard, like writing the voodoo code. I would have NEVER figured that out without cheating.

Sweden By ef • On 17 July 2012 • From Sweden


Sorry, I meant "objective" not subjective

Canada By Michael MacDonald • On 15 February 2012 • From Sydney, Canada


I loved this game as a kid,
but when I recently went to play it again
about half way through the game it occurred to me that every single antagonist in the game was a black guy and every protagonist was a white guy.

It would have thought it was just a coincidence if the game wasn't already so ignorant towards voodoo culture.

Either way, I recommend this game if you're desperate for a sierra style adventure,
but I have to give it the poorest of all rating for being ethnocentric and downright racist.

I really didn't want to believe it was either,
so this opinion is completely subjective
and yes portraying every black character in a story as being a "bad guy" is racist no matter how subtle it seems.

Canada By Michael MacDonald • On 15 February 2012 • From Sydney, Canada



the clay is available at the crime scene, the beach.
I didn't find it either at first, well hidden, eh?

enjoy the game!

Finland By Rat • On 31 March 2006 • From Helsinki, Finland


This game is so exciting and scary, full of mystery and puzzles.
At times it was really easy but then sometimes the puzzles can be so god-damned tricky.
I'm the biggest fan of gabriel, but would anyone bother to tell me if gabriel knight 2 is worth purchasing?

Finland By Rat • On 31 March 2006 • From Helsinki, Finland

tuff----I'm also stuck in day 6 (translation and code) Could I get some help?

By will courchaine • On 30 March 2001 • From ocala, fl------usa

I have played Sins Of The Father,& attempted to play The Beast Within but got stuck when Grace was talking to Gerde.( asking for the keys) We thought we had a patch, then we got a new computer tried to play the game but we needed a patch again. For some reason the patch would'nt work. So we have not finished the game. We purchased Blood of the sacared blood of the damned. So far it is a great game.
Truley enjoy Ms. Jensen's work. I guess you could say I am a interactive-role playing game junkie!!! But would like some advice on how to get a patch to continue playing Beast Within.
Thanks in advance. Rose

By Rose • On 14 January 2001 • From San Diego


in gabriel knight sins of the father (day three)
were do you get the clay from the crime scene
to mould the snake bracelete.

i am really stuck so if you could help me that would
be great.

By beck • On 25 July 2000 • From new zealand