Nancy Drew: Stay Tuned for Danger

Posted by David Tanguay.
First posted on 10 July 2000. Last updated on 21 November 2014.
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Nancy Drew: Stay Tuned for Danger is the second game in the Nancy Drew series by Her Interactive. This chapter improves on the first in several ways. As before, there are 3 difficulty levels, the most being the Master Detective mode. The game is recommended for ages 10 and up, but any child who can sit still long enough to read a Nancy Drew book can enjoy this game as well.

Fresh off her success…

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Very Good

Im wondering, why do you have to down-load everything
my dad gets mad at me because i have to download everything.an31

United States By madeline • On 04 February 2008 • From oregon

Very Good

where is the set!!!!!!!!

United States By annie • On 11 April 2007 • From boise idaho


I weat see that game?

Canada By wilsonAnderson • On 02 April 2007 • From p.o box18 chevery G0G 1G0


I can't figure out what to do next I call George (she is the only one I can ask for help) and she says "Find Rick Arlen his dressing room must be in the studio somewhere." But he isn't in his dressing room what do I do?

United States By devyn • On 31 December 2006 • From Harriman,. U.S.A

it is an interesting case

India By secret agents • On 22 January 2005 • From mumbai , India

I think the 3-D marionette characters enhance the production quality because they fit in perfectly with the background and they execute various gestures and expressions when they talk, which makes them seem like natural human beings. I also feel the encryptions add to the excitement of the game and the much-desired atmosphere of mystery, especially the poem on the bronze bell in the prop room and the faded message on the board in the control room. I agree that the puzzles could have been more frequent and challenging, but the Tower of Hanoi did a good job of touching up the exotic atmosphere in the prop room. After all, a prop room is supposed to have everything! The pocketwatch was an attractive feature as well because it gave the feeling that time was running short and delegated certain tasks to nighttime only or daytime only.

United States By Jo Ryder • On 09 June 2004 • From Atlanta, Georgia

Just wanted some cheats for the game

United States By JoDee Moore • On 25 March 2004 • From Rhinelander,WI

lol, I LOVE this game but need a solution!

Canada By Ashley : ) • On 28 August 2003 • From Somewhere

Nancy Drew Stay tuned for danger, is a great game to play.You go under cover as a girl who can answer,solve,find,etc.To a mystery on who or whom is giving threats to the hottest hunk on a daytime drama show,and will find the key to the answer,and will catch this mystry person giving threats.

United States By Alexa F. • On 18 May 2003 • From n.c.

I'm sixty-three years old and on my days off i just love to unwind by playing nancy drew. It relaxes me. Thank you so much for bringing the past to the present and making it a wonderful and exciting adventure.

United States By Norma Jenkins • On 06 May 2003 • From Albuquerque, N.M. U.S.A
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