Leisure Suit Larry Goes Looking for Love (In Several Wrong Places)

Posted by Zack Howe.
First posted on 22 January 2000. Last updated on 11 August 2009.
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For better or worse, Larry Laffer is among the most recognized cult heroes in adventure games. Larry is a very unusual fellow. He wears a white polyester leisure suit, has his hair combed back, and carries a cheesy grin. Larry is, or at least tries to be, a ladies' man. Whenever he sees a gorgeous babe, he does his best to show her how sexy (or grotesque) he is. Still, it is refreshing to play a…

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What a crap review that was! The reviewer has completely missed the originality of the game, what it meant at the time it was released, and the actual point of old school adventure games - exploration!

Sounds like the reviewer would prefer a point and click adventure where they don't have to think and just keep clicking different verbs until something works. Why stop at that, why don't you just play these games with the walkthrough in one hand?

New Zealand (Aotearoa) By sean • On 15 March 2011 • From New Zealand

In Leisure suit Larry 2 Goes looking for love in the Wrong places, How do you get past that big Mama in that game? How do you get the bikini off the bottom of the pool? Can you please give me some help, I really appreciate it.

Canada By Nicole loves Bret Hart • On 29 July 2010 • From Calgary Alberta Canada


try 555-7448

New Zealand (Aotearoa) By C • On 16 October 2009 • From NZ


btw 0724 was untested i jst read it on a review web site

Australia By drew • On 16 January 2008 • From Somewhere

Very Good

hey i notice a few of u are trying to get in to the game and i read sum where that the creator had his own phone number 0724 this got u in but skipped the intro so hey maybe u should try that

Australia By drew • On 16 January 2008 • From sydney


Undoubtedly the worst part of this game was the deadends. Off the top of my head, I can't think of many other Sierra games, or any other games in general, that punished you so badly and repeatedly for failing to pick up some minor tchotchke 5 hours of gameplay earlier.

United States By Mike J • On 13 January 2008 • From Goodrich, USA

Very Good

The reviewer also did not mention the rather large number of dead ends the player can find themselves in, particularly when it comes to getting off the cruise ship. Basically, if you don't pick up certain seemingly unimportant items (a mop for example) you will end up in situations where the game cannot progress and you cannot to back to pick up the needed items. It is unfortunate because lsl2 has the best story imo.

Canada By some guy • On 21 November 2007 • From Somewhere


I lost my black book but want to get back into this game after many (many) years. Any help?


Canada By Tara • On 23 July 2007 • From Kitchener,Canada

Very Good

Yes, complaining about no voice acting is stupid. So is the claim of the lack of music. C'mon, how much do you think floppy disks can hold?

Also I disagree LSL2 being easy. It's not insanely difficult, but there is a good number of those that (at least, for me) gave gray hairs (the bobby pin at the airport and don't get me started about the whole jungle-bit). I'd say it's a moderate.

But these are, of course, matters of taste. Just wanted to point my opinion out.

Finland By Tattoo • On 03 August 2006 • From Helsinki Rock City


I need the numbers from the little black book. I had a house fire and lost the book but still have the game. I want to finish playing it but can not get into the part 2 Leisure Suit Larry Goes Looking for Love without the black book. Any help?

United States By April • On 03 August 2006 • From Va
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