Shivers Two: Harvest of Souls

Posted by Philip Jong.
First posted on 12 September 1997. Last updated on 12 August 2009.
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Sierra On-Line has clearly listened to the many criticisms by gamers on Shivers during the design of this sequel. Based on a brand new and more congruent story, Shivers Two: Harvest of Souls succeeds in expanding on the elements that have made its predecessor a sleeper hit. The unique nonlinear and non-repetitive puzzle design, complete freedom of exploration, and the use of a life essence bar…

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My favorite game all the time. Atmospheric music, excellent story. You feel Cyclone town like real place!!!!

Czechoslovakia (former) By Darko • On 19 February 2016 • From Belgrade, Serbia

Very Good

I am stumped. I cannot seem to get past the gas station. the psi pressure will not go up. I had it rising earlier in an attempt but was having problems with my system. Now I cannot seem to get it working to retrieve the notebook under the car and the key for the safety deposit box. this also stops me no doubt from retrieving the true iyani stone.

I have not been able to access the donation box either.
Can you respond.

United States By idlecalm • On 21 April 2008 • From Allentown USA


I've got all the bahos except the one in phils market. I can't do the egg puzzle, no egg is in there?
What to do, h e l p please!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Canada By Ginny • On 25 April 2007 • From canada


Great Game, there are plenty of walkthroughs if your stuck.
Once you figure out you have to put gum on the tv to get the music videos to play, everything becomes much easier.
I beat it in a few weeks. I LOVE the soundtrack, the lyrics sound like someone was on crack when they wrote them, but I LOVE "Safe Place" and "Burn the Pain". I would recommend this game to people who like less action and more puzzles, and an interesting storyline.

United States By Madison • On 10 June 2006 • From spring

I really liked these games. I know I'm sorta weird, but I did. Is there anything out there similar to thiese? I've tried MYST and it just wasn't for me. I've tried a couple of others, but I liked the challenge of something chasing me.

United States By Barb W • On 08 March 2004 • From Lafayette, USA

Help trying to get into the barber shop

United States By Le Anna • On 01 March 2004 • From Roseville, Mi USA

Ik ben al een tijd op zoek naar dit spel om thuis te spelen.
Waar kan ik dit kopen?
Een kopie van het spel is ook goed.

Netherlands By g.soetekouw • On 01 August 2003 • From Roosteren te Nederland

I just bought this game and I never got a manual to it and I was wondering if you could tell me how I could get one. Who I could write to or something. I have shivers one and really enjoyed it and I don't want to start shivers two without the manual. PLEASE help me.
E-mail me if you can help me.

By Kristie • On 14 August 2000 • From Canada