Legacy of The Journeyman Project

Posted by Peter Rootham-Smith.
First posted on 02 September 1999. Last updated on 31 December 2012.
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Since 1992, Presto Studios has published 3 games in the Journeyman Project series. The developer has apparently made some progress on a fourth game before problems with the publisher cause its development to be suspended. All the games in the series are first person adventures that feature photorealistic graphics. You play the role of Gage Blackwood, a temporal agent who travels through time to…

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Previous Comments

I really enjoyed how you put the Journeyman Project aspect into words.When I got my 1st PC it came with the first issue.I enjoyed it so much that when Buried in Time hit the stores I was there.I loved the history and puzzle solving in it,especially the castle(which was King John's at the time this took place)and the mayan temple with it's underground was so intreging(spelling error I'm sure..lol),but you are right in every aspect of these games as I see them.Also I bought Legacy the day it hit the stores.I miss these games so(my ex took off with them and other things).Hopefully I will get them back one day.Thank you .Alot of people don't know what they missed.By the way,I had a preorder in for the 4th episode,to bad it didn't happen.

By Don Robertson • On 09 November 2002 • From Pensacola,Fl. U.S.A.

I agree with your synopsis of the Journeyman Project(s). Great site! I enjoyed my visit here very much. You'll have to stop by my site...I'm sure you'll all LOVE it. Please keep up the good work as I'll surely visit again. Thanks, and take care.

By Dave Sitbon (Sir Nobtis) • On 23 July 2002 • From Philadelphia, PA, USA

The Journeyman Project was my first and favorite game when I bought my first Mac in 1993. Two Macs later and it's still my favorite. I also love Buried in Time. I haven't played enough of Legacy of Time yet to know, but I bet I'll love it too. The best thing about these games are their fascinating environments. I love going into those different times and places. I feel like I'm really there! I would love to see more games developed by the same wonderful team of people. And I agree with the concept of having such games in schools, with an educational purpose. That would even make ME want to go back to school and that is saying something!

By Melinda Blake • On 13 April 2002 • From Playa del Rey,CA USA

I've done all three Journeyman Projects. Awesome! I have to agree. They're very underated..

By David Adams • On 04 February 2002 • From San Jose, CA

Found your essay about the Journeyman Project and I quite agree. My only disappointment in the third game was the loss of 'gameplay'. It felt more like choosing your own adventure rather than a game.

I've had the idea for another Journeyman game for a while now, but using a FPS engine to allow greater freedom of movement. I'm sure the geniuses who put the first ones together could enhance the FPS engines for greater immersion. Set the Pegasus Machine, Sherman!

By Roger Morse • On 16 August 2001 • From Aurora, Colorado

I have all 3 and there all greate games but there is a J-man Project Turbo Directors Cut that came out in 1995. there is a demo on my copy of j-man part 2. it said in the demo that it came out for play station.i have never been able to find it and was wondering if u herd about it and may be knew how maybe i could get it. seeing that i loved all the others i realy wanted to try this one. it looks realy cool!!!
Thanx Kristen

By Kristen DeLand • On 19 March 2001 • From Somewhere

I have all three games for the PC. I am very interested in this series because the game makes you think and realize what could happen to the past if it was tampered with. My question is this, why wasn't there an official book for the first Journeyman Project Turbo? I happen to be stuck on a certain area of the game. Please make a 4th series for the PC. Thank you!

By Yolanda Ament • On 04 February 2000 • From Hollywood, Florida

Nice Site! Agreed, JP series is under rated! I am not a very critical gamer as reading and now these computer games have been a very real replacement for the "BooB Tube" TV for the past l9 years. I use a TV only for viewing my choice of content via tapes. Reading and computer games give me the same option. Keep up the good work and congratulation to Presto.

By Donn Ganley • On 13 October 1999 • From New York City, USA
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