Legacy of The Journeyman Project

Posted by Peter Rootham-Smith.
First posted on 02 September 1999. Last updated on 31 December 2012.
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Since 1992, Presto Studios has published 3 games in the Journeyman Project series. The developer has apparently made some progress on a fourth game before problems with the publisher cause its development to be suspended. All the games in the series are first person adventures that feature photorealistic graphics. You play the role of Gage Blackwood, a temporal agent who travels through time to…

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The Journeyman Project Turbo! is one of the many excellent games from my childhood. My grandmother bought a computer with Windows 98 and somehow the purchase included a whole load of CD-ROMS with various old games, including Journeyman. Being so young, (I believe I was 10 at the time), I had some difficulty with some of its puzzles, and I remember being elated the first time I figured them out, and didn't get that damn game over screen! When ever the nostalgia-bug hits me, I like to load up Pegasus Prime for a nice romp through memory lane.
Excellent article, even if was written at about the time I was still trying to figure out the game!

United States By Phobos Anomaly • On 19 December 2015 • From Littleton, Colorado, USA


This game was so beyond excellent when when it was created, my husband and I often talk about Journeyman Project 1,2, AND 3 even now in 2012! Our favourite line " Gaaaage" makes us laugh to this day. With outstanding gameplay destinations, and adventuring, this game series would be right to be chosen as a remake for PS 3 and other current systems!!!

Canada By L. Thompson • On 01 November 2012 • From Chatham, on, Canada


so glad to find this article!!! I remember the first game came with my first computer and I LOVED it. still till this day,the story sucks me in and I can't stop playing for hours!! I hope the day comes where a fourth one is released. people who haven't played this game don't know what they're missing!!!

United States By steve • On 30 July 2012 • From newjersey


one of the best games ever made.
you got to play the whole series.

United States By Jose w • On 30 November 2011 • From USA

Hope more people will join you Justin in appreciating these games! Buried in Time (the 2nd game) has recently appeared on the Good Old Games site so that may mean some players discovering the series for the first time.

Great Britain (UK) By Peter Rootham-Smith • On 07 July 2010 • From Cambridge UK

Very Good

I'm glad to see that I am not alone in the appreciation of these games. I actually played Legacy of Time first which made me want to find the other two with a passion. I got the LOT game from a friend who was moving and had to ditch a lot of stuff. I later found the other two and couldn't wait to enjoy them as well. I still have copies of all three games and have just reinstalled them on my machine at home. I hope that the fourth project will be available in the near future.

United States By Justin Thomas • On 06 July 2010 • From Alma, Ga. USA

Great to see how many posters still rate these games highly more than a decade after they came out! Glad the article has been useful!

Great Britain (UK) By Peter Rootham-Smith • On 15 February 2010 • From Cambridge, UK


Yes!! Yes man...I love you!! I finally found the name of this game, I played it when I was 10 years old, and remembered it a year ago, but still couldn't find any information about, since i forgot the name, only the word Legacy was left in my mind! And the story I barley remembered of "Legacy of time" didn't help in searching!!
Man I love you, gona find those games right away, right now! Thanks very much!!!

Russia By Faithreaver • On 14 February 2010 • From Russia, Moscow


I really enjoyed the JMP game series. It remains one of my favorites. They kept getting better with each game, unlike so many sequels. The gameplay was much more engaging than Myst, Riven, etc. games that got more media attention and were released over the same time period. Given today's better graphics and endless plot lines that could be developed with time travel as a theme, it's such a shame they didn't continue the series.
We may look back on this as a golden age in adventure/puzzle solving games. I can still recall some good ones like Drowned God, Master Lu, and Circle of Blood. The whole genre has has pretty much disappeared - If you think otherwise any recommendations would be appreciated.

United States By Bill White • On 27 April 2009 • From York, PA, USA


Thee is no better games out there than the JMP 1,2& 3. So well thought out. #3 was likew being in a movie. They need a 4th and you are so right. VERY UNDERRATED. (my wife would not let me name my first child Gage!) But i have the set in one big package that came out.

United States By Harry Peterson • On 01 September 2006 • From Sidney, Oh 45365
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