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Adventure Classic Gaming

Adventure Classic Gaming (adventureclassicgaming.com) is the premiere website dedicated to classic and retro adventure gaming. We seek to be a comprehensive online resource on classic adventure games and interactive fiction. Our site covers all gaming platforms, both computers and consoles. We cover games by both independent and commercial developers. Our dedicated team…

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Previous Comments

I think you have an excellent website, very attractive and professional-looking.

By Harry Kaplan • On 27 October 1999 • From New Jersey (USA)

This site is great. It's the most complete adventure site i've ever found. if you want I can help you for review or preview

By Andrea Morstabilini • On 14 October 1999 • From Italy

I'd like to be able to read this site, but my computer shows dark blue type on a dark gray background.

I'd include my email address in the proper place if I could read it. It's: ann@searnet.com

By Ann • On 02 October 1999 • From Somewhere

your page loads way too slowly (cause of all the pictures and animations). you should at least have a quick loading intro page before your overloaded home page.

By jwalker • On 24 September 1999 • From Somewhere

Octagon Entertainment is an agency representing game developers and publishers. We enjoyed your site and would like to be added to your list.

By Katherine Oliver • On 24 September 1999 • From Octagon Entertainment

Comment? Well, I'm an adventure game fan and its nice to see some sites devoted to this. Most game sites tend to focus on violence and war games.

By Nancy Kuhl • On 04 September 1999 • From Minnesota

I just found your site by surfing around. It looks like
an excellent resource for information on adventure games.
I will visit it often when considering games to play/buy.
You seem to have an adventure game series theme. Do you
limit your information to series? Thanks for the site.


By Ron • On 03 September 1999 • From California, U.S.A.

Very well describe and exactly as how I would have written it. Very true!

By Andrew Whincup • On 21 August 1999 • From Australia

Hi, this site is really great! I'm devolping an adventure game so this site really helped. check out the site about it!

By stacy • On 19 August 1999 • From USA

Wow. This is a great resource for me. I've been playing adventures for years (I started playing them on a C64) and it is good to see that there are still people who spend much time to maintain websites about them, and also keep reviewing them.

The inclusion of the 'older' titles is very good. I occasionally buy older games (even the DOS ones!) so it is usefull to read some of the info before you buy them.
So anyway, keep up this good work; this is a site I'll keep in my bookmark list!

Thanks and bye,
Eric Wehnes

By Eric Wehnes • On 17 August 1999 • From The Netherlands
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