Dracula 3: The Path of the Dragon

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Spoiler alert! The following cheat contains spoilers in the form of hints, walkthroughs, guides, or solutions to the game. Viewer discretion is advised.
The game begins with a series of cinematic cut scenes. The first scene shows Father Arno Moriani in a nightmare as though he is locked and trapped inside a coffin. The next scene shows Arno in a meeting with Monsignor Felicio Briganti in Rome. He is to be sent to Transylvania to ascertain whether Doctor Martha Calugarul, a physician and scientist, qualifies to be canonized. The final scene shows Arno on the train to Vladoviste where he is seen to take on the role of the Devil's Advocate and Promoter of Faith of the Catholic Church.

General tips

Click on the open bible icon whenever it is blinking for helpful hints that are revealed as random passages from the bible.

A table of Roman numerals is included in the documents for your convenience that will be helpful for some puzzles.

Read through every paper and page of every book that you find, as each may contain vital clues. Some objects or text have to be read using the built-in magnifying glass to reveal the otherwise hidden clues.

Exhaust all dialogs when talking to characters to uncover key information. Failure to do so may prevent you from progressing through the game and force you to backtrack later on to locate the missing information.

You cannot lose the game by dying (when you die, you are simply resurrected and given another chance). Making frequent saves is still advised to avoid unnecessary backtracking.

If you are unsure of what tasks need to be completed for each day, click on the objectives tab to display a list of your current goals. Complete all outstanding tasks that have not been ticked off.

Day 1 - Vladoviste


You play as Arno. You carry only a crucifix and a bible.

Turn around to face away from the station. Turn right. Go forward. Turn right again to see the inn. Enter the inn. Talk to the innkeeper, Ozana Vulpesco. Ask about Doctor Martha Calugarul and her son. Turn left from the reception. Go forward to the base of the stairs. Turn right. Go forward. Enter the parlor where Janos Pekmester is sitting. Talk to Janos. He identifies himself as an archaeologist and will invite you to go to the ruins of the Castle of Twilight the next day.

Arno's room

Go to the stairs. There is a telephone on the wall. Go upstairs. Go forward. Enter your room to the right. Open the letter on the table and read the Diocesan file on Martha (Figure 1). Learn of her disfigurement, her relationship with Professor Heinrich von Krϋger, her clinic, and her grave.

Dracula 3: The Path of the Dragon
Figure 1

Martha's clinic

Exit the inn. Go forward twice to arrive at a green building with the number sign 1905. Read the sign on the left side of the door. Look right to see a shadow of a barking dog. Ring the doorbell. Enter the clinic. Turn right. Enter the kitchen to find the resident doctor, Doctor Maria Florescu. Talk to Maria. Go to the door to the left, where you will find Fidel, the watchdog. As you exit the clinic, you find yourself being spied on by someone with a blood red ring. Turn left. Look up to see the broken window in the deserted house beside the clinic.


Turn left from the clinic. Go forward. Turn left. Go forward again to arrive at the cemetery. Open the gate. Turn left. Go forward to find Martha's grave. Talk to the young lad, Ionel, to find out more about Martha. Turn left to see her mausoleum. Turn right twice. Go forward. Look left to see the tombstone of Luciana Hartner.

Turn right. Go forward to meet Iordan Mitiu, the gravedigger. Ask about Father Gregoriu Nijescu and get his telephone number, Costantza 135. Ask about Martha. Turn around. Exit the cemetery gate. Go forward twice. Turn right. Go forward. Turn left. Go forward. Enter the inn.


Turn left. Go forward. Turn left again to reach for the phone. Pick up the receiver and dial Costantza 135. Talk to Father Gregoriu about Martha to get his opinions about her canonization. Turn right. Go upstairs. Enter your room. Go to bed.

A cinematic cut scene is played. You have another nightmare. You hear the voice of a woman calling, "Ioan, Ioan." You then see a man from above calling, "Luciana, Luciana." Turn left. Open the wardrobe, only to see a silhouette of a man stabbing a woman.

Day 2 - Vladoviste


You wake up in the morning, haunted by the nightmare. Observe that the wardrobe is too heavy to move and cannot be opened. Exit the room. Turn right. Go forward to find Ozana cleaning the floor. Talk to Ozana. She informs you that a reporter wants to talk to you. Ozana also asks you to bless the room next door and to hang a crucifix back on the wall.

Cursed room

Enter the second room on the right from the stairs. Look at the black spot on the floor on the far side of the bed near the wall. Notice the painting on the wall of the Tower of Babel. Take the crucifix from the floor and hang it back on the wall. Notice the marks on the wall showing that the crucifix has previously been hung upside down. Give a prayer. Exit the room.

Go downstairs. Enter the parlor. Talk to Stephan Luca, a reporter, and read Martha's letter that he places on the table. Read through Martha's medical files. Look through the red book titled Transylvania: History of a Reconquest on the same table.

Go back to the phone near the stairs. Call the police. Dial through to the exchange and ask to speak to Inspector Brutar on Alba Iula 22.


There is a local newspaper library between the stairs and the parlor. Read old clippings and notes from volumes 1870, 1902, 1905, 1913, and 1914. Turn right from the bookcase. Enter the parlor. Talk to Stephan again. Read the 2 letters about the Path of the Dragon.

Go to the phone again. Call Father Gregoriu. Learn about Celdric and the other victims. Call Monsignor Briganti to find that he is not there. Observe the dragon stone that is hanging on the wall to the right of the phone. Try to take it. You realize that you do not have permission to do so yet. Go to the reception. Ring the bell. Talk to Ozana again to get permission. Go back to the wall. Take the dragon stone.

Train station

Exit the inn. Go forward. Turn left. Go forward to talk to the gypsy woman, Luana, near the station. She will ask you to play a game of dice. The game is for amusement only and has no bearing on the mission.


Turn around. Go forward twice. Turn left. Go forward twice again to reach the cemetery gate. Enter the cemetery. Talk to Iordan again to find out more about Martha and where Marian Prada is buried. Turn left. Go forward to discover Luciana's grave alongside a rose bush. Turn around to find another tombstone, that of an unknown woman. Notice the year 1919 on the tombstone. As you look up at the mausoleum, a crow flies away. Talk to Ionel again to find out more about Celdric and Ariel. Turn around. Look at Celdric's grave.

Castle of Twilight

Exit the cemetery. Go forward. Turn right. Go forward twice to arrive back at the village. Go forward again. Look right to see the memorial of the fallen soldiers in the Field of Fallen Soldiers. Turn left. Go forward to arrive at the Broken Oak crossroads.

Observe a gypsy caravan and an old oak tree to the right. Examine the tree to notice the fresh bullet holes in the trunk. Look left on the ground to find 2 cartridges from a revolver. Go forward thrice, past the oak tree to the right, to arrive at the Castle of Twilight where you meet Janos.

Talk to Janos to find out about the Dragoman family and Vlad Tepes. Look left onto the ground and notice the skeleton. Look on the ground to the right of Janos and notice a sundial with a piece missing (Figure 2). Click on the 2 smaller pieces on the ground to join them with the larger piece. To complete the sundial (Figure 3), add the dragon stone to it. Listen to the howling of wolves. Click behind Janos to see a drawbridge that has been destroyed in the war. Turn right. Take some Rowan berries from the Mountain Ash tree.

Dracula 3: The Path of the Dragon
Figure 2
Dracula 3: The Path of the Dragon
Figure 3


Go back to the inn. Call Monsignor Briganti. Before hanging up, he tells you to wait and then calls you back. He closes the current case on Martha. Instead, he instructs you on a new case and tells you to investigate to discredit the legend or existence of vampires.

Enter the parlor. Talk with Stephan again. Learn about Martha's case file from Turkey and the Path of the Dragon. Exit the parlor. Go to the front door. Talk to Ozana. She mentions that Maria needs a blood donor at the dispensary.

Day 2 - Vladoviste

Maria's dispensary

Exit the inn. Go forward twice to reach Maria's dispensary. Ring the bell. Enter the dispensary. Turn right. Enter the kitchen. Talk to Maria, who wants you to take your own blood sample, find out your blood type, and then record the details in the analysis report. She also wants you to determine the blood types of the last few donors.

Blood group test (Part 1)

Turn right from the kitchen. Enter the treatment room. Get the medical instruments on the table. Turn around. Go back to the kitchen. Pick up the large pot at the right of the stove, take it to the sink, and fill it with water from the tap. Place the pot to the left of the cooking stove. The cooking stove is directly above the fireplace. Place the medical instruments into the pot of water. Open the door of the fireplace. Gather a log from the basket along the back wall of the kitchen. Place the log into the fireplace.

The phone rings. Exit the kitchen. Answer the phone. The line is strangely silent. Hang up the phone. Turn around. Go back to the kitchen to get the instruments. The phone rings again. Answer it. It is Professor von Krϋger. He wants Maria to call Munich 321 941. Go back to the kitchen. The instruments are now cool enough to handle.

Click on the soap on the dish above the sink to wash your hands. Failure to do so will mean starting the process all over again. Remove the sterilized instruments from the pot, take them to the treatment room, and put them on the table. A zoomed view of the instruments now appears.

Blood group test (Part 2)

To assemble the pump, screw the connections of the rubber tubes onto each side of the pump and then screw the needle onto the only remaining metal nozzle on the left. Move the ampule that is lying upside down from the top right position of the tray (Figure 4) to the bottom right position.

Click the yellow ampule in the tray to turn it right side up. Fill the measuring cap containing citrate, an anticoagulant, and use it to fill the yellow ampule. Place the loose end of the tube from the connection of the pump on the right into the ampule with the citrate. Your arm is now visible on the table.

To disinfect, open the Red Cross box and take some cotton gauze. Remove the top from the bottle of alcohol on the table. Soak the cotton gauze with alcohol and apply it to the forearm, just below the elbow. This makes a clear stain on the arm. Put the used alcohol soaked gauze back in the box. Take the large rubber band on the tray and use it as a tourniquet on the upper arm, just above the elbow. Take the pump or tube with the needle on it and position it where the protruding vein is. Insert the needle into the vein.

Remove the tourniquet. Blood will flow along the rubber tube and into the tube of the pump (Figure 5). Turn on the pump and see the blood flow into the ampule. Click on the ampule to put the blood sample in bottle 814.

Dracula 3: The Path of the Dragon
Figure 4
Dracula 3: The Path of the Dragon
Figure 5

Turn right. Enter the laboratory to store the bottle. The refrigerated cabinet is padlocked, so you need the combination to open it. The combination number coincides with the year of construction of the clinic which is found above the doorway entrance. The number is 1905. Key in 1905 on the padlock to open it and place the bottle inside. Close the cabinet. Otherwise, the specimens will spoil.

Blood group test (Part 3)

There is a green folder in front of the cabinet that identifies the names of the donors. You have to find out the blood groups of the last 4 donors, including your own. There are 4 blood groups: A, B, AB, and O.

Wash your hands with soap again. Start the test on sample 814 (Arno Moriani). Repeat the test on sample 813 (Stephan Luca), sample 812 (Janos Pekmester), and sample 811 (Ionel Martinescu). Close the cabinet after removing and placing the samples each time.

The labels of each tube are seen at the top right of the screen. Go to the test tube rack. Click on an empty tube with a pipette. Go to the cabinet. Click on the blue reagent bottle. Put the blue test tube back in the rack. Select another empty test tube with a pipette and click on the yellow reagent bottle in the cabinet. Place the full test tube back in the rack. Take another test tube with a pipette and click on the sample. Take the tube of blood and place it in the rack. Click on the pipette on the top of the blue test tube and place 1 drop of the anti-A serum (blue) on the left side of the opaline glass plate. Place the pipette back in the blue test tube. Click the pipette on the top of the yellow test tube and place 1 drop of the anti-B serum (yellow) on the right hand side of the opaline glass plate. Place the pipette back on the yellow test tube. Click on the pipette in the sample and place 1 drop of blood on both the blue and yellow serums.

Observe for changes in color and clotting to determine the blood group (Figures 6-9). If the blood clots in the serum, it means that there is a positive reaction. Wash out the opaline glass samples under the tap in the basin before starting on the next sample.

SampleAnti-A serum reactionAnti-B serum reactionBlood group

Dracula 3: The Path of the Dragon
Figure 6
Dracula 3: The Path of the Dragon
Figure 7
Dracula 3: The Path of the Dragon
Figure 8
Dracula 3: The Path of the Dragon
Figure 9

A cinematic cut scene is played. Talk to Maria by the table in the kitchen. She will place the book Bram Stoker's Dracula on the table for you to read. Take the book and read it.

Exit the dispensary. Turn right. Go forward 6 times to reach the Castle of Twilight. Talk to Janos about Professor Irina Boczow, a folk stories specialist from Budapest. He tells you that Stephan knows her telephone number.

Go back to the inn to find Stephan in the parlor. He will provide you with Irina's telephone number which is Budapest 44 58 27. Go to the phone. Call Irina. She invites you to see her in Budapest.

Phone Monsignor Briganti at the Vatican and inform him about the trip to Budapest. He will send a reprinted copy of Vlad Tepes' biography to the inn for you.

Phone Professor von Krϋger for a second opinion. Learn about the P syndrome. Go back to the parlor. Talk to Stephan about Professor von Krϋger.

Talk to Ozana at the inn before leaving for the station. Go forward. Turn left to reach the station. Talk with Luana. Turn around to see the train at the station. Click on the train. A map will appear. Select Budapest from the map. A cinematic cut scene is played.

Day 3 – Budapest

Irina's office

Knock on the door to Irina's office. Enter her office. Talk to Irina. She will ask you to open Professor Hermann Van Bergen's strongbox.

Coded strongbox

The lock to the strongbox is made of 7 letter wheels. All the letters on each wheel makes the same clicking sound, except for the letter of the correct combination which makes a different clicking sound. Rotate each wheel to hit the correct combination. The combination is the birth year of Professor Van Bergen, 1820, in Roman numerals, MDCCCXX (Figure 10).

Dracula 3: The Path of the Dragon
Figure 10

Thule Society

Take the letter and the wax cylinder from the strongbox and place them on the table. Read Bram Stoker's letter. Click on the library catalogue to the right of the cylinder. Click on the bow and arrow on the wall behind the strongbox. Observe the poisonous acid above the strongbox.

Talk to Irina again. You will learn that the Serbians use wooden stakes, made from Aspen or Hawthorne, to kill vampires in the heart. Irina then asks you to read the red colored book written by Professor Van Bergen, The Lords of Twilight or the Fulfillment of the Race, about the Path of the Dragon.

Irina also tells you about the Thule Society. She asks you to read another book written by Thomas the Greater, Hidden Apocalypse. You need to find the place and date of the origin of the first war in Sarajevo in 1914 on page 1 (Figure 11) and the prophecy of the next war in 1936 instigated by the Thule Society on page 2 (Figure 12). Talk to Irina again. She tells you to examine an illustration inside a cream colored book.

Dracula 3: The Path of the Dragon
Figure 11
Dracula 3: The Path of the Dragon
Figure 12

Raphael's Crucifixion

Open the book and observe a copy of Raphael's Crucifixion. Look closely at Irina's copy of the painting. Look at the black and white photograph of the same painting in your documents. Follow Irina's instructions to compare the paintings. Use the magnifying glass to locate the differences.

Try to pick up the cylinder. Irina tells you that she needs to find a machine to read it. Talk to Irina again to learn about her unique filing system and her use of ghosts to record borrowed items.

Exit Irina's office. Turn left. Go forward past Professor Van Bergen's bust. Select Vladoviste from the map. A cinematic cut scene is played.

Day 3 – Vladoviste


Turn right away from the station. Go forward. Turn right again. Enter the inn. Go to the parlor. Talk to Stephan. Listen to him venturing about the Path of the Dragon himself. Go back to your room. Read the Vatican file on the desk. Go downstairs to the phone. Call Professor von Krϋger. He tries to debunk any findings from the cryptic decoded messages from the Hidden Apocalypse and says that any message is simply a random finding by chance. To prove his claim, he leaves you to encrypt page 3 of the book and then later helps you to solve the encryption (Figure 13).

Dracula 3: The Path of the Dragon
Figure 13

Professor von Krϋger also tells you how to beat Luana at the dice game. To win, always let Luana go first. This allows you to choose a color that will beat hers: the white die will defeat the yellow die, the yellow die will defeat the black die, and the black die will defeat the white die.

Castle of Twilight

Exit the inn. Go forward twice. Turn left. Go forward 6 times to reach the Castle of Twilight. Talk to Janos. Go back to the village. Enter the inn. Call Monsignor Briganti to report on the trip to Budapest. Turn right. Go upstairs. Enter your room. Go to bed.

A cinematic cut scene is played. You have yet another nightmare. You wake up in the morning. Turn around. Look at the bed. Take Maria's medallion (the same medallion from the nightmare) on the pillow.

Day 4 – Vladoviste


Go to the reception. Talk to Ozana. She is worried about Stephan who has yet to depart for Turkey in the morning. Ozana asks you to find Stephan. The door to his room is locked, so the only entry is via the sliding wardrobe that you remember seeing in your dream.

Go back to the reception. You find a broom and a can of wax beside the front door exit. Go back to Ozana to ask her for the wax. She will let you take it. Go back to the reception. Take the can of wax that is almost empty. Go to your room. Spread the wax on the floor near the wardrobe. Slide the wardrobe to the left. Open the exposed door. Unlatch the lock on top of the door. Turn the door handle. Enter Stephan's room.

Stephan's room

Read the newspaper sitting on the table. The article notes the death of Inspector Lupar at the Broken Oak crossroads. Look at the wall to see that the crucifix is again hanging upside down. Hang the crucifix back on the wall in its correct position. Go to the side of the bed to find Stephan lying dead on the floor. Take the St. Dimitri's medal hanging around his neck. Go to the window to discover mud tracks on the floor beneath the window. Look at the sheets. Observe that the painting on the wall has changed. A picture of the Solitary Oak Tree has replaced the Tower of Babel. Unlatch the lock on the door. Exit the room. Go downstairs to the phone. Call Inspector Brutar to report the murder. A cinematic cut scene is played.


Talk to Ozana to learn about the chest that Stephan has kept in the attic. She gives you a pole with a hook that you can use to access the attic. Enter the parlor. Talk to Janos. Observe that the mirror in the hall is covered.

Go upstairs. Look at the ceiling to find a different colored panel with a hook on it. Use the hook on the panel to pull down the access stairs to the attic.

Stephan's trunk

Go upstairs to the attic. You see a vampire bat on the window. Use the St. Dimitri's medal from Stephan with the metal slot on the left side of the trunk. The medal is removed from the chain. Push the medal into the slot.

A compartment on the right side of the trunk opens to reveal 6 colored wheels. The fourth wheel turns only itself, whereas each of the other wheels turns both itself and the neighboring wheel at the same time. On the backside of the cover is the Latin inscription that reads, "Forever faithful to the motherland". You need to match the correct color with each slot. Recall the Field of Fallen Soldiers with the Romanian flag as well as the red book on the coffee table in the parlor showing the Romanian flag. The correct colors for opening the trunk are the colors of the Romanian flag: blue-blue-yellow-yellow-red-red (Figure 14). To unlock the trunk, turn the wheels in order from left to right: 1-6-2-3-4.

Dracula 3: The Path of the Dragon
Figure 14

Open the trunk. Pick up a vial of blessed water and a host in a canvas bag. Read Martha's letter to Stephan telling about her trip to Turkey in search of the Peak of the Fox, where Vlad the Impaler is once imprisoned.

Ioan Hartner's trunk

In the attic, you will find another trunk that belongs to Ioan Hartner. (You can read up about him in clippings from the 1870 edition of Monte Saptamal found in the library bookcase near the parlor back in the inn.) Open the trunk containing 2 engravings, a letter from Professor Van Bergen, and a gramophone. Try to assemble the gramophone. You will find that the needle is missing. Exit the attic. Go downstairs. Talk to Ozana about the covered mirror.

Maria's dispensary

Exit the inn. Go forward twice to the dispensary. Talk to Maria in the kitchen. She will give you a train ticket, once used by Martha to travel to Urguyurt in Turkey. Using the magnifying glass, look at the ticket to reveal a clue written on the stub. Look at the map of Turkey. There are 7 peaks on the map, each of which has a symbol: Peak of Sacrifice, Peak of the Fox, Mount of Punishment, Mount of Purifying Fire, Mount of Death, Mount of the Dragon, and Mount of Offering. A cinematic cut scene is played.

Day 4 – Urguyurt

Peak of the Fox

You arrive at the Peak of the Fox. Near the fire at the campsite, open the bag to find a rag, a knife, a lamp, matches, and a rope. Go to the edge of the cliff where there is a tree stump. Look at the peaks with the etched symbols. Tie the rope to the tree stump and drop the other end of the rope over the edge. Climb down the cliff face to reach a cave below. A cinematic cut scene is played.

Vlad's prison

Observe the inscriptions on the walls of the call. Notice the metal ring. Notice the cigarette butts with the Horizont brand. Pick up the feather on the ground in front of the right chain. Turn right to see 3 large boulders. Push them aside to reveal a passageway. Go forward past some skulls. Go forward 5 times past the blood red eyes. Go forward again. Enter the temple room.

Temple room

Go forward to the end of the tunnel. You reach a room with no apparent exit. You will also find that you cannot exit the same way as you have just entered, since someone has taken the rope away. You are now trapped. Climb the steps to the altar. Notice the roots around the altar. There is a recessed square in a circle on the wall for a key, but the key is missing.

Blue pentagram

In the temple room, look right onto the ground to see a pile of dirt. Click on the dirt. Click on the edge of a buried frame of a sarcophagus. Look at the blue light moving above the ground. Recall the written message on Martha's train ticket, "Stab the ground and follow the blue light in order to trace the symbol of the ancients." Stab the ground where the blue light is with the knife. Follow very closely the motion of the blue flame with the knife to trace the shape of an upside down 5-pointed star within the shape of a pentagram (Figure 15). If you deviate even slightly from the pentacle shape, you will fail and have to start all over again. The longer the line you trace, the brighter the blue light gets. Once finished, pick up the stone key on the sarcophagus. Look at the 7 low relief carvings on it.

Dracula 3: The Path of the Dragon
Figure 15

Symbol tracing device

Climb up the stairs again. Go forward to reach a dead end. Look at the wall with 2 squares located inside a circle. Use the stone key on the indent at the bottom of the square. Trace the same shape as that on the sarcophagus. When done correctly, the pattern becomes luminescent (Figure 16). The door opens, leading to a stairway. A cinematic cut scene is played.

Dracula 3: The Path of the Dragon
Figure 16

You arrive back at the campsite. Unfortunately, the fire has been put out by the snowfall. You cannot continue in such hazardous conditions. Beside the dying fire, you find a freezing bird near death. To warm the bird and yourself, you have to relight the fire using the damp firewood.

To make the fire, put the sticks in the ashes of the dying fire and add some paper from the bible and dry wood from the crucifix as fuel. Place the wet wood in the fire pit. Notice the damp stone with etchings on it to the right. Wipe the stone with the rag to dry it and then strike a match on the stone. Place the lit match on the paper to start the fire. A cinematic cut scene is played.

Day 4 – Vladoviste

Train station

You arrive back in Vladoviste. Talk with Luana at the front of the station. Notice the threatening graffiti on the walls of the village buildings as you walk past them. Go to Maria's dispensary. Notice the insults painted on the front wall. Talk with Maria. Go back to the inn to talk to Ozana. Go back to your room. You find 2 letters on the table. Read the letter from Irina. Go back downstairs to the phone. Call Irina to let her know that you have received her letter. Go back to the train station. Select Budapest from the map. A cinematic cut scene is played.

Day 5 – Budapest

Irina's office

You arrive at Budapest. You will find the door at Irina's office ajar. Enter the office to find Irina lying dead on the floor. She has arrows piercing her arms and mouth as well as a syringe on her forehead. Take the syringe. Examine her left hand to find the 4 words written in blood: ARMA, SUNT, INDE, and MALA. Go to her desk. Take the spool and the thumbtack.

Coded strongbox (again)

You need to open the strongbox again. However, the old combination no longer works. Recall the bust of Professor Van Bergen just outside the office door. The new combination corresponds to his death year, 1913, in Roman numerals, MCMXIII (Figure 17). Open the safe. Take the wax cylinder inside it.

Dracula 3: The Path of the Dragon
Figure 17

Wooden chest

Turn right from the fireplace. Go forward to the hall with a wooden chest at the foot of a pillar. Try to open the wooden chest beside the pillar. Without the combination to the lock, you cannot open the chest.

Read the visible text, the green truth, on the illumination (Figure 18). Notice the 5 dials at the bottom of the frame. The dials currently spell out the word DRACO. You need to find the new code word to open the chest.


You have to draw a circle within the confines of the border of the green truth and then to identify the 5 coded letters intersected by the circumference of the circle.

Start at the center of the imaginary circle by placing the thumbtack on the diamond symbol. This is located directly to the right of the green colored letter A in the word INSCRIPTA.

Take a length of thread from the spool as a measure for the radius of the circle. It extends as far as the club symbol. The club symbol is located beside the blue colored letter U in the word ADSPECTU. Scribe a circle using the makeshift compass. Starting from the green letter V in the word VERITATUS, and working in a clockwise direction, select the other green colored letters that intersect with the circumference of the circle. The code is revealed to be the word VIRGO (Figure 19).

Open the box to see the Iphigenia vase. Read about Iphigenia's Sacrifice in your documents. Use the magnifying glass on the vase to read the words on its rim, "The god's altars are overflowing with blood. Black and boiling, it flows on the ground and soaks the roots of the oak tree."

Dracula 3: The Path of the Dragon
Figure 18
Dracula 3: The Path of the Dragon
Figure 19

Missing documents

Using the 4 words left by Irina as clues, locate the 4 missing books that she has wanted you to find you using her ghost method of cataloguing.

There are 5 alcoves in the library, each with a Latin phrase above the entryway. The first letter of the clue word is the last letter in the Latin phrase above the alcove. Enter the specified alcove to discover that each bookcase has a Latin phrase on top of it. The second letter of the clue word is the last letter in the Latin phrase. Each bookshelf in the bookcase has a Latin word. The third letter of the clue word is the last letter of the Latin word. Each bookshelf has the alphabet, and the fourth letter in each clue word is the alphabetical letter.

ARMAAd astra per asperaIncerta curatio certus dolorGrumiumA-
SUNTFelix qui potuit rerum cognoscere causasMirabile visuAldebaranTRunic Anthology
INDENil admirariNomen est omenAlfardEPatroclus' Funeral
MALANil Nimium. Satis est: ne sit et hoc nimiumActa est fabulaNibalAIphigeneia's Sacrifice

Read up each book in your documents that you have just located. Only 3 of the 4 books are found: Funeral of Patroclus, Iphigenia's Sacrifice, and Runic Anthology. The book marked by the clue word ARMA is missing (presumed stolen), and no ghost has been inserted.

Runic Anthology

There is an optional puzzle hidden on page 3 of the book on Runic Anthology. The puzzle involves a group of kennings (a kenning is a metaphorical expression, often in the form of a phrase). You need to bring together the different phrases of a kenning that have a referring metaphor relating to the same item.

Each kenning has to be separated by a break. Drag and drop each phrase to where it belongs in a kenning on the page: 2 kennings with 2 phrases, 7 kennings with 3 phrases, and 2 kennings with 4 phrases. The phrases may be arranged in any order as long as they are grouped within the correct kennings.

The force of the bow
The leg of the shoulder blade
The brother of fire
The wolf of ropes
The hail of the sword storm
The thorn of the wound
The whistling bug of battlefields
The dog of the rooftops
The nightmare of the yew
The sunshine of the houses
The dragon's nest
The ferment of strife
The snow of the purse
The ferment of vanity
The one who never lies
The trap of light
The neck ornament
The splendor of the chest
The sun of the bosom
The array of the swan on the wave of corpses
The attire of the seagull of hatred
The coat of the bird of battles
The chalice of the battle dew
The corn of the ravens' brew
The cup of the sweat of war
The nectar of the wounds
The stream of the wolves
The sweat of the sword
The water of the tree of wounds
The falcon of the sword's dew
The eagle's cousin
The red swan
The seagull of discord

Exit Irina's office. Turn right. Go forward past the bust of Professor Van Bergen. A cinematic cut scene is played.

Day 6 – Vladoviste

Train station

You arrive back in Vladoviste. Luana is no longer at the station. The town has been ransacked. Go to Maria's dispensary.

Maria's dispensary

Ring the door bell. There is no answer. Enter the dispensary. Notice a strong odor of tobacco. The power goes out. You need to restore the power to see inside. Enter the kitchen. Pick up Maria's bloody shawl lying on the floor by the table. Still in the dark, open the curtain beneath the sink and the drawer to the right. Get the funnel and the copper wire from the drawer. Go to the back door of the kitchen. Open the door. Fidel now appears to be afraid of you and will not bark at you anymore. Go outside into the yard.


Turn left. Go forward. Pick up the empty can lying on the ground. Notice a red glow from the basement window of the shed where the fuse box is located. Enter the shed. Examine each coffin lying inside the shed.

Janos lies in one of the coffins. He is in a comatose state, but he is not dead. He cannot be awakened. Search his vest and pants. Take Janos' note with a series of numbers on it from his left pants pocket. Take the set of keys and the single golden key from his right pants pocket. You also discover that Janos smokes Horizont cigarettes, the same brand that is found in the troglodyte caves. Search his vest again. Examine the Fox's Flight, a drawing taken from Vlad Tepes' biography. It is the missing book from Irina's office.

Open another coffin to find a real dead body. Turn left. Open the hatch on a trap door on the floor leading to the cellar.


Enter the cellar. Go forward. You will find a dynamo. However, it is inoperable and cannot be repaired. Instead, you have to fix the fuses. Fill the empty can with oil from the fuel tank on the left. Place the empty can under the tap. To avoid any spillage, use the funnel to fill the can. Pick up the full can of oil.

Fuse box

Go to the fuse box. Open the fuse box (Figure 20). The fuses are blown. There are 9 fuses, set out in 3 rows and 3 columns. You can only make 2 new fuses with the copper wire you have, enough to cover only 2 rooms at a time. You must go back to the fuse box each time you switch the fuses around.

Maria's roomMiddleRight
Photo laboratoryTopCenter
Treatment roomMiddleCenter

It is up to you to restore power to whichever rooms you need to use at any given time. You must turn the on/off switch to its proper position before and after every time a fuse is moved. Otherwise, you will be electrocuted.

Start off by restoring power to the treatment room and the laboratory inside the dispensary. You will hear the phone ringing from inside the house. Answer the call from Professor von Krϋger.

Dracula 3: The Path of the Dragon
Figure 20

Maria's dispensary

Professor von Krϋger wants to talk to Maria regarding the illness that is afflicting the village. He believes the problem lies with the P syndrome. As Maria has disappeared, he urgently asks you to take new blood samples and compare them with the old blood samples. The test will enable to make a serum to combat the illness. As you already have an old sample of your blood, you must draw a new sample of your blood now for comparison.

As before, sterilize the instruments, wash your hands, and draw the blood. Put the blood sample in bottle 815. Go back to the laboratory. The old combination to the cabinet has been changed. Starting with the left dial, pull the hook after selecting each number. When the correct number is selected, the hook will move a bit. Repeat the process for the other dials. The new combination is 1042. Store the new blood sample on the middle shelf in the cabinet. Click on the old blood sample to see that it looks lower than before.

Pick up a hammer and a wooden stake from the wood box in the kitchen.

Krϋger test (Part 1)

Look at the new instruments that are now available to you to test the blood sample. The batteries that power the testing device are flat and need acid to reenergize them. Go back to the yard outside again. Enter Martha's house. Read the message left on the pane of glass on the door. The message is in Italian and reads, "Seek the source."

Martha's house is the small house at the back to the right. The door is locked, but it can be opened with the golden key from Janos. Enter the house. It is too dark to see inside. The light bulb is missing from the socket. Pick up a can of acetic acid in a carton at the left of the chest of drawers. Take the tweezers and the metallic box on the chest. Take the grain from the bird feeding dish. Pick up the feather on the floor. In the lowest drawer of the chest, you will find a box with a combination lock.

Martha's box

The combination needed to open the box is linked to the 4 paintings that decorate the walls of Martha's house. One of the paintings has been removed and lies on the floor to the left of the drawers. Hang it back up again. Each painting is identifiable by a coded number that is only visible by using a magnifying glass on the bottom right corner of the frame: Funeral of Patroclus (B6), Gymnosophist (A4), St. Sebastian's Martyrdom (A7), and Martha and Maria (AD8).

However, the number 6478 is not the correct combination, since the paintings have been moved around. Look at where the paintings are now hung and the paler areas where they have previously been hung. Match up the different sized paintings with the matching paler areas. Use the space on the floor where the painting once lies as a holding space to swap the paintings. Remember what Martha has written in her letter, "Carefully observe the order of the paintings on the wall."

Top of the bedGymnosophistA4
Side of the bedSt. Sebastian's MartyrdomA7
Left wall by dresserFuneral of PatroclusB6
Right wall above dresserMartha and MariaAD8

The correct combination is 4768. Open the box. There is a photograph of Martha looking disfigured. Take the key marked Concessiunea 1415.

Go outside to the front of the house. Put the grain in the feeding dish to attract the pigeons. Notice the carrier pigeon with a red tag attached to its leg. The pigeon is carrying a message with a filament rolled up inside. Take the Schwartz filament. Read Professor von Kruger's note. Go back to the laboratory.

Krϋger test (Part 2)

Look at the apparatus on the left lying on the floor. It is broken. The other bulb is off. The battery is flat and needs acid. Open the panel. Add in the acetic acid. The green light turns on immediately.

The old filament on the table to the left of the sampler is burnt out. Replace it with the Schwartz filament. However, the filament has to be sterilized first. Go back to the kitchen. Sterilize it the same way as with the medical instruments.

Take the sterilized filament back to the laboratory. Place it on the top part of the sampling device which is located to the right of the refrigerated cabinet and next to the microscope on the table.

Before starting the test, read the instructions (be sure to read the last page) sent by Professor von Krϋger to Maria that explain how to do the test. The instructions are on the table.

The same procedures have to be applied to all 6 samples: sample 815, sample 814, sample 813, sample 812, sample 811, and sample 810.

Take an empty test tube from the rack. Go to the refrigerated cabinet. Open the cabinet. Select the blood sample to start. Transfer some blood from the bottle into the test tube until it is full. Close the cabinet.

Insert the full test tube into the clip of the sampling device. Lower the lever on the left to plunge the filament into the blood sample. Press the "+" button to load the filament with granulocytes on the device. Once loaded, remove the filament and examine it under the microscope. Slide it under the glass plate and look through the eyepiece. A zoom view of the blood sample now appears.

Click on the icons for mono (Figure 21) and poly (Figure 22) to obtain the total count of mononuclear and polynuclear granulocytes respectively present in the blood sample. Log the reading in the green file on the table. Calculate the ratio of the percentage of mono to the percentage of poly. If the percentage of mono equals or nearly equals the percentage of poly, then no anomaly is detected. If the percentage of mono is appreciably greater than the percentage of poly, then there is an unknown anomaly. If the percentage of mono is appreciably less than the percentage of poly, then it is the anomaly P.

Dracula 3: The Path of the Dragon
Figure 21
Dracula 3: The Path of the Dragon
Figure 22

Mark the whole of the sample by clicking on both the icons for mono and poly. Attach the filament back to the sampling device. Using the handle, plunge the filament into the test tube again. Press the "-" button to empty the device. Lower the sampler again. Press the "+" button to fill up the device.

Study the filament again under the microscope. Observe the count that refers to the previously marked granulocytes in the new sample. Calculate the count using the formula 100 * 100 / X, where X is the count of the total number of granulocytes per milliliter. Log the reading in the green file on the table again.

815Arno (now)81 / 19100 * 100 / 7 = 1428Unknown anomaly
814Arno (before)56 / 44100 * 100 / 9 = 1111No anomaly
813Stephan Luca57 / 43100 * 100 / 10 = 1000No anomaly
812Janos Pekmester89 / 11100 * 100 / 7 = 1428Unknown anomaly
811Ionel Martinescu46 / 54100 * 100 / 10 = 1000No anomaly
810Maria Florescu100 / 0100 * 100 / 6 = 1666Unknown anomaly

The tests show that Maria, Janos, and you (now but not before) all have the same unknown anomaly.

Before you can reach the reinforced door, it slams shut and traps you inside the room. Someone wants you out of the way. Put a drop of acetic acid on each hinge. The door will come off, allowing you to escape. A cinematic cut scene is played. You call up Professor von Krϋger to report the findings, after which you exit the dispensary.

Town ruins

Go forward. Turn left. Go forward again. The town is in ruins. You will find Ionel leaning up against a wall. Ask him to play a game of shuffleboard. You have to get his confidence in order to get him to show you his bag of treasures. You must both win and lose a game with him.

The object of the game is to throw a disk as close to the wall without hitting it. Position the disks by releasing them as close as possible to the spot where you want them to land. After the game, Ionel volunteers to show you his bag of treasures. Take the silver needle from Ionel. You can now use the needle with Irina's wax cylinder to play the gramophone. Try to take the slingshot from Ionel. However, he will not part with it for now.


Leave Ionel at the ruins. Go back to the inn. Go to the reception to talk to Ozana. Examine the garlic on the counter. You too will get sick from the garlic. Go back to your room to read the mail.

Arno's room

Enter your room. As you open the door, Maria's bird cries out a warning, "Careful!" If you continue to walk through the doorway, a bomb will go off and kill you. You must now neutralize the bomb.

Look inside the room through the narrow gap between the door and the door frame. Notice the string that is stretched across the detonating mechanism. Place the thumbtack at the left of the thread by the door. Use the knife to cut the string without tripping the detonating mechanism. Pick up the bomb once it is disarmed. Enter the room. Look at Maria's bird on the window. Go to the desk. Get Irina's mail. Open the parcel with the knife. You will get sick again from the garlic in the mail. You must use the airtight box from Maria's room to store the garlic before reading the mail.

Go back to the reception. Talk to a very apologetic Ozana. Find out who may have entered your room while you have been out. Take the letter to Janos from Professor von Krϋger. Enter Janos' room.

Janos's room

Read the letter to Janos from Professor von Krϋger. Use the magnifying glass to look closely on the period after Professor von Krϋger's signature. It looks oddly out of place.

Enter the room using the keys from Janos. Observe that the date on the calendar reads Tuesday (Dienstag) September 14, 1920. Open the drawer of the desk and take the lighter. Read the Vesnicie Foundation letter and the Thule brochure. The brochure is about Blood of the Dragon. Find the passport issued to Hans Beckermeyer, accompanied by a photo of Janos, inside the drawer. Recall that Hans' name is on the Thule membership list. Examine the pages from Vlad's biography.

Enigma machine (Part 1)

On the coffee table near the window, you see a paper pad, a pencil, and a box. Open the box with the keys from Janos to reveal that it is an Enigma (decoding) machine. Pick up the pencil. Blacken the paper pad with the pencil to reveal an impression of Hans' last message (Figure 23). Repeat rubbing the pencil on the paper pad twice more to obtain a full impression.

The Enigma machine has bars on top that are labeled with Roman numerals at the front. There are letters on top of the bars. The bars are separated by wheels between them that cycle the letters. They are removable and can be exchanged by clicking on the bars.

Dracula 3: The Path of the Dragon
Figure 23

From the penciled lithograph, key in the letters S-E-P-T-E (the first 5 letters of the month September) and the Roman numerals IV–III–I–V–II into the machine. The numerals are labeled from left to right into the front end of the bars, and the letters are labeled on the top end of the bars by clicking and then holding to turn the wheels.

Look at the list with all the coded 4-letter words. Start typing from the top of the left hand column and work across the page, then move down to the next row and continue on until the message is fully decoded. Type in the letters U-A-R-C-Q-R-V-D-U-T-D-C-K-O-H-Q-Y-V-I-K-Y-U-Q-Q-K-L-B-W-K-X-Z-Z-Z-G-E-R-S-G-S-Z, until the message automatically decodes itself.

Read the message from Hans, alias Janos, to Professor von Krϋger. It reads, "Learn that Martha's grave is empty and that Arno is no longer needed. Need to contact the Dragon to enter the castle. The blood tests are needed to determine who the servants will be, and who the victims of the Dragon will be."

Take the envelope from the drawer. Place it on top of the first message (Figure 24). Observe that the postmark on the envelope is dated August 28, 1920 (Figure 25). Observe from the desk calendar that September 14 is a Tuesday. Work back from this date to discover that August 28 is a Saturday. Using the magnifying glass, examine the note from Janos (Figure 26).

Dracula 3: The Path of the Dragon
Figure 24
Dracula 3: The Path of the Dragon
Figure 25
Dracula 3: The Path of the Dragon
Figure 26

Enigma machine (Part 2)

The codes on the note for Sunday to Thursday are legible, but the codes for Friday and Saturday are illegible. You have to use the calendar day and month to deduce the starting position of the wheels and consequently their initial setting.

Calendar day (German - English)Code
Sonntag - Sunday2-5-1-3-4
Montag - Monday5-4-1-3-2
Dienstag - Tuesday4-3-1-5-2
Mittwoch - Wednesday3-5-4-2-1
Donnerstag - Thursday2-4-1-5-3
Freitag - Friday4-3-5-2-1
Samstag - Saturday2-5-4-1-3

Each number for the current day determines the new number for the next day. In particular, the number to the right in the sequence for the current day determines its new position for the next day. For Sunday the number 5 is to the right of the number 2, meaning that for Monday the number 2 is the 5th number in the sequence. Subsequently, for Sunday the number 1 is to the right of the number 5, meaning that for Monday the number 5 is the 1st number in the sequence. By working through each day of the week at a time, starting from Sunday, the numbers for both Friday and Saturday can be determined.

Given that August 28 is a Saturday, the numbers for that day must be 2-5-4-1-3, which translates to, in Roman numerals, II-V-IV-I–III. Key in the code into front end of the bars. Key in A-U-G-U-S (the first 5 letter of the month August) into the top end of the bars. Type in the first few rows of the new set of numbers from the letter until the message automatically decodes itself.

Read the message from Professor von Krϋger to Hans. It mentions that the Path of the Dragon ends at the ballroom of the castle. It also mentions the Svenson Runic Anthology and its Wood of Blood inscription. It reveals that Hans is a subordinate of Professor von Krϋger. Both of them are members of the Thule Society, and they are following the Path of the Dragon.


Exit Janos' room. Go back to the attic. Place the wax cylinder from Irina and the silver needle from Ionel on the gramophone. Play the recording from Professor Van Bergen. The bell of the gramophone has to be pulled into the horizontal position from the vertical position to hear the conversation.

Maria's dispensary

Go back to the basement in Maria's dispensary. Open the fuse box. Turn the power off. Move the fuse from the treatment room to the photo laboratory. Turn the power back on. Go to the photo laboratory at the back room in Maria's house.

Look at Maria's photograph using the illumination table. Unfortunately, you clumsily spill some acid on Maria's photograph and have damaged it. Look at the photograph again. It now bears a striking resemblance to the picture of the disfigured Martha. Take the sponge near the sink and use it to wipe the illumination table. Go back to the sink, turn on the tap, and rinse the sponge under the running water. Refill the bottle with the can of acetic acid.


Place Janos' letter from Ozana on the illumination table. Look at the holes under the letters: C-C-H-H-H-H-O-O-N-A-N-A-S-H-H-O. Look at the bottles on the shelf and observe their chemical formulae on the labels. The letters refer to the chemical formulae: C2H4O2, Na2S, and H2O.

Click on each bottle to mix a single portion of acetic acid (C2H4O2), sodium sulphite (Na2S), and distilled water (H2O). Soak the sponge in the mixture and use it to wipe over the letter. Look at the letter and use the tweezers on the period after Professor von Krϋger's signature to lift off the microfilm.

Click on the tray handle to wash the tray under the sink. Look at the small notebook on the shelf. Prepare the solutions from the chemicals in accordance with the directions in it needed to develop the photo print.

LeftDeveloperHydroquinone, metol, sodium sulphite, alkaline mix, distilled water
MiddleStop bathAcetic acid, distilled water
RightFixerSodium thiosulphate, potassium metabisulphite

Using the tweezers, place the microfilm onto the glass plate above the enlarger on the left. As white light will destroy the developing process, change to infrared light by clicking the light switch above the sink. Failure to do so will overexpose the print and mean starting the process all over again. With the red light on, open the black box to the left of the sink where the light sensitive photographic paper is stored. Use the tongs in front of the box to move the paper to the base of the enlarger. Activate the enlarger by clicking on the switch at the base. The light will automatically turn off after a predetermined time.

Drop the paper into the developer in the left tray using the tongs. Leave it in the solution for precisely 12 seconds before removing it. Timing is important. If the time is too short or too long, the paper will be underdeveloped or overdeveloped and the print will be destroyed. Next, drop the paper into the stop bath in the middle tray using the tongs. Leave it in the solution for precisely 7 seconds before removing it. Finally, drop the paper into the fixer in the right tray using the tongs. Leave it in the solution for precisely 7 seconds again before removing it. If done correctly, you will be able to hang the print on the line above the table. If not, you will have to repeat the process all over again.

Study the dried print. You recognize it as part of the 7 peaks in Turkey. Using the magnifying glass, look closer at the photo to find the 3 symbols on the peaks: a trident, the Greek alphabet letter pi, and a ladder.

While you are in the photo laboratory in Maria's house developing the film, the laboratory in the dispensary is left without power and the blood samples are starting to spoil. Go back into the shed. Turn off the power, switch the fuses to restore power to the laboratory in the dispensary, and turn on the power again.

Broken Oak crossroads

Exit the dispensary. Go back to the Broken Oak crossroads. Turn right. Go forward thrice to reach the crossroads. Look right to find Luana. Talk to Luana. She will test you by asking you to identify your friends and your foes. Unless you can identify them correctly, Luana will not help you anymore.

Your only true friend is Maria, as she has helped you so far and has also taken a liking to you. The proofs include her medallion found on the pillow in your room, her bird warning you of the bomb, and the paintings on her bedroom wall.

Your foes are Janos and Professor von Krϋger. The proofs include the Enigma machine and the coded messages, Janos' passport, the letters in his room, and the deciphered microfilm. Moreover, Janos (whose alias is Hans) is a member of the Thule Society, and Professor von Krϋger is his superior. They follow the Path of the Dragon and have tried to kill you with a bomb. They are also responsible for the murders of Irina and Stephan as well as the murder attempt of the Romanian Iron Guard.

Once you have proven yourself to Luana, she will tell you that a new road has opened to the left at the crossroads that leads to the Castle of Twilight.


Follow the new road to a chapel built into the mountainside. As you walk down the path to the chapel, you realize that you are getting sicker and that you are developing a bad cough. Look down to see the stele of Lord Mircea XIII which is used as a bridge to cross over the spring. At the chapel, you will see the stele of Vlad I and Vlad III. The tombstone to the right is missing. Go back to the stele of Lord Mircea XIII. Turn the stele over. Notice the stele of Duke Alexander VIII on the other side.

Gold bowl

Go back to the chapel. Observe that a gold bowl is missing from the shelf. In Vlad's biography of Punishment, a gold bowl is depicted to be on the shelf. Observe that 2 keys are missing on the dial: I and IX. Go back to the crossroads to talk to Luana. She offers to help you, but first you have to find out who has stolen the gold bowl.

Go to the ruins at the edge of the village. Talk to Ionel again to learn that the bowl has been taken by Ariel and Celdric. Go back to the inn. Talk to Ozana about Ariel. Go back to the crossroads to talk to Luana again. She agrees to help you again, but she requires you to bring 6 items to her.

Blood of a lost battle

You already are in possession of Maria's blood stained shawl that you have picked up from the kitchen floor in the dispensary.

Ashes of a vampire put to death

Go to the cemetery to find the grave of Luciana Hartner, a vampire put to death by her husband, Ioan, whom you learn from Professor Van Bergen's recording. You have no shovel. Speak to Iordan. He will trade his shovel for the matches. Go forward. Turn left. Go forward again from whence you enter the cemetery to get to the grave. Use the shovel on the tombstone to take a handful of ashes from her coffin.

Hazel wand

The wand is Ionel's slingshot in his bag of treasures. Find Ionel at the ruins to bargain with him again. Being a music lover, he will trade his slingshot for the gramophone.

Ring of a killer

The ring belongs to the dead Iron Guard struck by lightning. It is inside Martha's vault at the cemetery. The vault is locked. Use the key with a tag on it to open the vault. Pick up the signet ring and the crucifix beside it on the ground.

Blossom of a rose

Go forward past the crossroads on the road to the Castle of Twilight. Look left to the side of the path to see a wild rose bush. Use the knife to cut off a rose branch from the bush.

Berries of the bush known as the mountain ash

The berries are the Rowan berries that you have previously picked up at the Castle of Twilight and are already in the possession.

Go back to Luana at the crossroads. Place all the items you have collected on the wooden box in front of her. She tells you to wait. A cinematic cut scene is played.


You are back in your room at the inn. Take the journal from the desk to be sent to Monsignor Briganti for safekeeping. Go to the reception. Talk to Ozana. Take the forked rod which Luana has left for you. Place the journal to be posted on the box at the counter. Exit the inn.


Go forward twice. Turn left. Go forward thrice to reach the crossroads. Turn left at the crossroads into the new path leading to the chapel. Observe that Luana's caravan is no longer there. Use the forked rod, which functions like a diving rod, to point to where you need to go. After you cross the stele bridge over the spring, you will see that the rod is now pointing to a mound across the stele bridge.

Dig into the mound with the shovel but do not hit the mortar shell that is sitting on top of the gold bowl. Click twice on the dirt on the side of the shell to clear away loose debris. If you dig further or try to take the bowl now, the shell will explode and kill you.

Once the shell is exposed, you need to defuse it. Go back to the cemetery. Talk to Iordan again. He is still sitting on the same steps. He will trade his monkey wrench for the lantern.

Go back to the mound. Use the monkey wrench on the tip of the exposed mortar shell. Pull the monkey wrench toward you twice. The tip will fall off. Remove the shell and take the gold bowl. Look at the engraving on the rim of the bowl which reads, "He who has intelligence walks in the succession of the immortals. Three engraved stele give the six on the dial."

Go back to the chapel. Place the gold bowl in the indented slot on the shelf. Notice the 2 missing keys on the dial. Place the 2 empty cartridges from beside the oak tree into these slots. They fit perfectly.

The correct combination to activate the dial and open the chapel lies within the steles near the chapel. The first stele bears the number 1 on it. The second stele bears the number 3 on it. The third stele is missing. Go back to the spring to find the third stele. It bears the number 8 on its front. Turn the stele over to find the number 13 on its back.

You logically deduce that there are 3 steles and 6 numerals. The numerals come from the engraving on the rim of the gold bowl. The numbers are 1-X-3-Y-8-13, where X and Y are missing numbers that together constitute a simple arithmetic progression series known as the Fibonacci sequence (created by Leonardo Fibonacci, a mathematician, in 1202). Beyond the first and second numbers, each number in the series is the sum of the preceding 2 numbers: 1 + 2 = 3, 2 + 3 = 5, 3 + 5 = 8, and 5 + 8 = 13. Solving the series yields the solution X = 2 and Y = 5.

Go to the dial. Press in order the keys on the dial: 1-2-3-5-8-13. The stone door opens revealing a dark passageway. Use the lighter to light the torch at the left of the entrance. Go forward. Enter the submerged gallery. Once you enter the gallery, you cannot turn back.

Day 6 - Dracula's Castle


Go forward through the gallery. As you approach the sarcophagus, rats will come out. The inscription on the sarcophagus reads, "Vlad the Great."

Click to turn the skull on the lid of the sarcophagus to open it. Look inside to discover that the bones are not of a human but of a horse instead.

The rats are getting aggressive, so you must get rid of them. All the exits are blocked by the rats. Pour the full can of oil over the water, making for a large oil slick. Use the lighter on the oil slick. The fire spreads and kills all the rats. It also destroys the entrance to the chapel. A cinematic cut scene is played.

You barely escape from the fire but are now stuck inside the sarcophagus. Amazingly, you can see in the dark. You relive the nightmare you once have where you are trapped inside an unknown place.

There is a circular lock that holds the 4 locking bars in place. Use Maria's medallion on the slot in the lock to unscrew it. Push the bars inwards and slide them away from the wall slots. Push the lid away. You realize that the outside path is still burning and thus blocked. You have no other escape but to venture deeper into Dracula's Castle. A cinematic cut scene is played.


You fall through a trapdoor to land at the entrance of a labyrinth. The labyrinth consists of a number of halls with portcullises. Each portcullis will allow you to enter a room but will injure you if you try to turn back. You will die after 3 injuries. Negotiate through the portcullises to reach the next hall.

Find the number of the new hall above each portcullis that you can reach by choosing the particular passageway. The inscription in the first hall reads, "It is not suitable that the sequence of the immortals grow infinitely. Of those who come, few will be chosen."

The Immortals' Series is the same Fibonacci sequence from the dial at the chapel. The only difference is that, instead of using an ever increasing number, the sequence is derived in reverse using an ever decreasing number.

You start out in hall 987. You do not see the previous number before leaving the last portcullis. Taking the sequence 610-377-233-144-89-55-34-21-13-8-5-3-2-1-1-0, the number for the room from where you start must be 987 + 610 = 1597.

Convert the sequence to Roman numerals to decipher the correct path through the labyrinth: go forward to 1597 (MDXCVII), turn right to 987 (CMLXXXVII), turn left to 610 (DCX), go forward to 377 (CCCLXXVII), go forward to 233 (CCXXXIII), go forward to 144 (CXLIV), go forward to 89 (LXXXIX), turn right to 55 (LV), turn right to 34 (XXXIV), turn left to 21 (XXI), go forward to 13 (XIII), go forward to 8 (VIII), turn left to 5 (V), turn right to 3 (III), turn left to 2 (II), turn right to 1 (I), go forward to 1 (I), and go forward to finally exit.

You discover that Janos has also passed through the labyrinth. As you enter the first hall, you can hear a loud scream in the distance from Janos freeing himself from the last portcullis. Along the way, you find traces of Janos' blood as well as Janos' Horizont cigarette odor.

After exiting the labyrinth, you will fall through another trapdoor to come face to face with Janos. A cinematic cut scene is played.


Both you and Janos are now trapped inside a cage, separated by a barred partition on opposite sides. Talk to Janos. He informs you that Maria is still alive and that she is also a prisoner at the castle. He says that either you or Maria, but not both, will come out alive.

The partition is mobile and can move backwards or forwards. It is also blocking the exit of the room. To move the partition and make way to the exit, you must play a game with Janos and win.

Rules of the duel

Each cage on either side of the partition has a keyboard with 5 keys. Each key symbolizes a mythical creature: Serpent, Basilisk, Griffin, Hydra, and Cerberus (Figure 27). Each combatant begins the game by selecting a creature. The object of the game is to select the creature that will win in a duel.

With each game, the partition moves towards the losing combatant. A third loss will force the losing combatant closer to the back wall. A fourth loss will cause the retractable spikes to come out from the wall (Figure 28). A fifth loss will lead to the loser being impaled to death by the spikes. As you are a man of God, you have sworn not to kill anyone. Instead, you only want to pin Janos to the wall without killing him.

Use the monkey wrench to open the small trap to the left of the main door and reach for the tension mechanism of the steel cable. The mechanism activates the retractable spikes. The steel cable cannot be cut, but it can be loosened. Unscrew the mechanism with the knife to slacken it. Repeat until the link is unscrewed. Recover part of the steel wire. Once the wire is released, win 5 games in a row to pin Janos against the wall. As the mechanism that activates the spikes is now disabled, Janos will not be killed.

Winning the game now exposes the door on the left wall to where you can escape. Click on the door handle to exit the duel room.

Dracula 3: The Path of the Dragon
Figure 27
Dracula 3: The Path of the Dragon
Figure 28

Game strategy for the duel

Examine the lines on the panel that join the creatures. They give clues to which creature is superior to which other. The serpent is the most powerful.

CreaturePositionSuperior to
SerpentTop leftBasilisk, Cerberus, Griffin
BasiliskTop rightGriffin, Hydra
GriffinBottom rightHydra
HydraBottom centerCerberus, Serpent
CerberusBottom leftBasilisk, Griffin

On first play, Janos will choose a random creature the next time. On second play, Janos will choose the Serpent the next time. On third play, Janos will choose the Basilisk the next time. On fourth play, Janos will choose the Hydra the next time. Knowing what Janos will play next, select a creature that can defeat his creature.


Enter the hallway with a massive door at the other end. To unlock the 2 iron bars that secure the door in position, you have to solve the 2 puzzles that lie within an alcove on either side of the hallway.

Blood, sweat, and tears

To the left of the hallway, there is a table made up of 7 x 7 squares, akin to a mini chess board. Each square can be isolated from its neighbor by the use of small locks or gates on each side. There are 6 small fountains from which 3 different liquids flow along small furrows on the table. Using the locks, you have to direct the liquid from each fountain to the matching fountain. However, the liquids are not allowed to mix with each other. The Latin inscription on the table reads, "Tears to tears. Sweat to sweat. Blood to blood."

Tears to tearsTearsSalty
Sweat to sweatSweatAcrid
Blood to bloodBloodIndescribable

As your night vision prevents you from seeing color accurately, the only way you can identify each of the liquids is by taste using the tumbler. Use the cup on the right to taste the liquids. When done correctly, the first bar will fall from the gate.

Dracula 3: The Path of the Dragon
Figure 29

Nails in the head

To the right of the hallway, there are 10 skulls on the wall, of which 9 skulls are wearing a hat or a headpiece and 6 skulls have a nail or a spike driven into them. You have to correctly match the spikes to the skulls.

Observe the 2 drawings from Vlad's biography in your documents that refer to his punishment of foreigners who do not remove their hats. Using the magnifying glass, locate the subtle differences between the drawings. The original drawing titled "The Punishment" (Figure 30) is kept in the Vatican archives, where the foreigners are depicted as Turkish. The other drawing titled "Punishment" (Figure 31) is a copy found in the "V Berg" collection, where the foreigners are depicted as Genoese.

Dracula 3: The Path of the Dragon
Figure 30
Dracula 3: The Path of the Dragon
Figure 31

There are 6 spikes on the table in the original drawing, whereas there are only 5 spikes on the table in the copy. Use the magnifying glass to locate the ship whose flag bears the Cross of Genoa where the spike is missing. Correspondingly, look for the skull with a helmet that bears the same Genoese Cross. This is the skull with the missing spike. The spike is actually the syringe found near Irina's body. Place the syringe on the skull. Place the spikes on the 3 skulls with turbans and on the 3 skulls with Genoese hats. When done correctly, the second bar will fall from the gate.

Dracula 3: The Path of the Dragon
Figure 32

A cinematic cut scene is played. The door comes crashing down on you. You barely jump out of the way in time.

Well shaft

You arrive half way up a well shaft. You see the night sky above you, but you find no way to climb out. You can guess the presence of an iron ladder that may allow you to escape. However, it is not yet accessible. Turn around to reach the lever on the floor. Pull the lever. The gate drops, and the panel on the floor opens. The Latin inscription on the panel reads, "Don't look back!" If you look back, you will die.

Observe the skull across from you. It shows the pattern of the tile puzzle on the floor. Open the panel on the floor to reveal a grid made up of 10 x 10 tiles. Starting from a blank grid (Figure 33), you have to select the correct tiles so that they correspond to the numbers on all 4 sides of the grid.

Dracula 3: The Path of the Dragon
Figure 33

Path of the Dragon

The black numbers on the top side and left side of the grid denote the black tiles in their respective grid numbers for each column and row. The gray numbers on the bottom side and right side denote the gray tiles in their respective grid numbers for each column and row. If several numbers are listed together, then there are multiple blocks of tiles side by side that correspond to the different numbers.

There are 7 possible configurations for the puzzle (Figures 34-40), each representing a symbol of the Path of the Dragon. The configuration to be played is chosen by random. Trace out the correct symbol by turning the tiles to black and gray. Once completed, recessed steps emerge from the walls of the well, and a platform slides out from the other side for you to escape.

Dracula 3: The Path of the Dragon
Figure 34
Dracula 3: The Path of the Dragon
Figure 35
Dracula 3: The Path of the Dragon
Figure 36
Dracula 3: The Path of the Dragon
Figure 37
Dracula 3: The Path of the Dragon
Figure 38
Dracula 3: The Path of the Dragon
Figure 39
Dracula 3: The Path of the Dragon
Figure 40

Castle courtyard

As you climb the stairs to get out of the well, listen to the voice of a ghost saying that she has lost her bracelet at the bottom of the well. Without the bracelet, she will be unable to go to the ball. You have to find the bracelet.

Climb back down the steps on the inside of the well to reach the platform near the skull. Connect the steel wire to the hook on the platform. A cinematic cut scene is played.

There is a creature that lives in the dark murky waters in the well. It will jump on you if you stay in the dark for too long. You have to find a way to light up the bottom of the well.

Go back to find Janos who is still locked inside the duel room. Bargain with him. He agrees to exchange his lighter for a flask of blood. Go back to the fountains again. Get a glass full of blood. Use the tumbler again, if needed, to taste the liquid to verify it as blood. Go back to the well again after getting the lighter. Retrieve the syringe from the skull.

Go back to the well. Climb down the wire into the water and then dive to the bottom of the well. Use the wand from Luana to locate and retrieve the bracelet (Figure 41).

Dracula 3: The Path of the Dragon
Figure 41

The creature roars. In a fright, you drop the bracelet back into the murky waters. Turn around to see an unlit torch inside a cave to the right. Light the torch using the lighter from Janos. The creature is afraid of light and will no longer attack you. Retrieve the bracelet again in the safety of the torch light.

Climb back up the steps inside the well. Leave the bracelet beside the mirror on the coping of the well. There are 6 portals that allow entry to the reception hall, but they are not readily prominent. Take the mirror from the top of the well, next to where you place the bracelet.

A cinematic cut scene is played. You see tiny footsteps appearing in the dust made by the ghost. Follow the ghost's footprints to choose the correct portal to the reception hall. Remove the pile of rubble blocking the portal. Enter the hall. Take the feather that drops down in front of you.

Castle hall

The last hall of the castle is the only path that leads you to reach Dracula's crypt. It is still night time, but the full moon gives you limited but reasonable visibility.

You are now nearing the end of the Path of the Dragon. Recall the prophetic words from Irina, "The initiate must accomplish one last rite. He won't be able to, unless he's understood all he's achieved before, that is, if he knows the order of the trials as well as the objects and symbols related to each of them."

The hall consists of 7 pillars that represent the 7 trials for the Path of the Dragon. On each pillar is a gargoyle with an open mouth, an unlit torch at the top, and a panel. You have to place the correct item of the path in the mouth of the gargoyle and draw the correct symbol on the panel.

Each pillar symbolizes a mountain. Use the map of the Turkish prison, Martha's postcard, and Professor von Krϋger's photograph to identify the 7 symbols in their correct order.

TrialMountainSymbolDisplayDocument - difference
Gift of bloodMount of OfferingCuneiform bloodBottle 814 (or Bottle 815)Raphael's Crucifixion - 2 chalices versus 1 chalice
Under the oakPeak of SacrificeUpside down crossStephan's chainIphigenia's Sacrifice - necklace versus none
Escape of the foxPeak of the FoxInverted pentacleFeatherFox's Flight - bird versus none
PunishmentMount of PunishmentSwastika (or unknown)SyringePunishment - 6 nails versus 5 nails
To purify by the fireMount of Purifying FireJacob's ladderFire from torchFire - torch versus none
To die in order to be rebornMount of DeathAmenta (or pi)Maria's medallion)Funeral of Patroclus - coin versus none
Baptism of bloodMount of the DragonTrident of the devilMirrorBaptism of blood with Dragon Siegfried - mirror versus none

Start with the pillar that is already showing the flask of blood. Trace the symbols on each pillar, in turn, until all of the pillars have been marked. After completing a pillar, turn counterclockwise to reach the next pillar.

Map of the Turkish prison

Find out the meaning of the name of each peak of the Pillars of the World (Figure 42) using the magnifying glass, starting from the Mount of Offering and ending at the Mount of the Dragon.

Maria's postcard

Look at the trident using the magnifying glass and observe the wedge shaped symbol is to the left (Figure 43).

Professor von Krϋger's photograph

Look at the trident using the magnifying glass and observe the amenta or pi symbol is to the right (Figure 44). The Jacob's ladder lies to the right.

Dracula 3: The Path of the Dragon
Figure 42
Dracula 3: The Path of the Dragon
Figure 43
Dracula 3: The Path of the Dragon
Figure 44

Path of the Dragon

You have now discovered the Path of the Dragon. Complete the trials in a counterclockwise direction to mark the 7 paths.

Path 1

Engrave the cuneiform blood symbol on the plate (Figure 45). The bottle of blood is already inside the gargoyle's mouth.

Path 2

Engrave the inverted cross symbol on the plate (Figure 46). Place Stephan's chain inside the mouth of the gargoyle.

Path 3

Engrave the inverted pentagram symbol on the plate (Figure 47). Place the feather inside the mouth of the gargoyle. The bird's nest is already inside the mouth of the gargoyle.

Path 4

Engrave the swastika symbol on the plate (Figure 48). Place the syringe inside the mouth of the gargoyle.

Path 5

Engrave the Jacob's ladder symbol on the plate (Figure 49). There is nothing to place inside the mouth of the gargoyle. Light the torch. This is the only torch you have to light. Do not light any other torches. Otherwise, the hatch to the crypt will not open.

Path 6

Engrave the amenta or pi symbol on the plate (Figure 50). Place Maria's medallion inside the mouth of the gargoyles.

Path 7

Engrave the trident symbol on the plate (Figure 51).

Dracula 3: The Path of the Dragon
Figure 45
Dracula 3: The Path of the Dragon
Figure 46
Dracula 3: The Path of the Dragon
Figure 47
Dracula 3: The Path of the Dragon
Figure 48
Dracula 3: The Path of the Dragon
Figure 49
Dracula 3: The Path of the Dragon
Figure 50
Dracula 3: The Path of the Dragon
Figure 51

A cinematic cut scene is played. A hatch opens, leading to the crypt of the castle where Dracula awaits you.

Dracula's crypt

Climb down the opened hatch. At the bottom, pull the lever on the wall to close the hatch. This prevents Janos and Professor von Krϋger from following you down to the crypt.

Enter the chamber where Dracula dwells. Go forward to arrive at the sarcophagus. Read the inscription on the lid of the sarcophagus to verify it is indeed Dracula's sarcophagus. Click on the skull to open the lid of the sarcophagus. You see Dracula lying there. Try to kill Dracula with the 7 weapons: crucifix, garlic (in the airtight box), holy water, host (in the canvas bag), stake and hammer, the blossom of a rose, and the Rowan berries from the mountain ash. Each weapon will weaken him just a little bit more. The weapons can be used in any order.

Surprise! The sarcophagus suddenly disappears. It is only an illusion to fool you. No weapon can actually defeat Dracula. The door of the crypt opens. Maria appears, revealing herself to be actually Martha. She has already succumbed to Dracula and has followed the Path of the Dragon to become a vampire. Talk to Maria. She tells you that she desires eternal beauty and wants to rid of her ugly scarred face.

Maria leaves. Dracula appears. Dracula tells you that he will kill you immediately if he knows that you are being dishonest. Dracula walks slowly toward you, protected by a ring of fire. In order to defeat Dracula, you have to get close to him by winning his confidence first.

Dracula's test

Dracula will ask you 6 questions. Pick the correct answer from the multiple choices given for each question. Answer truthfully or in a vague way. Otherwise, you will die instantly.

How shall I judge your deeds?I had no choice. It was the only way to come to you.
Twice your enemy Janos was at your mercy and you spared him. Why?Yes, I spared Janos and now I am here before you.
You desire her, do you not?Yes, I desire her.
Who gave me immortality?Lilith the rebel.
Do you fear me?I do not fear you since I have come here!
Tell me, Priest, you can't have come with the absurd idea of fighting me?Like Siegfried, I was resolved to do anything to reach my goal.

After passing the test, Dracula replies, "Good answer! On your knees, for your baptism in blood."


Dracula approaches you to grant you immortality. As he reaches you, detonate the bomb that you are carrying. You die from the tremendous explosion, but Dracula lives on.

Not all of your plans are in vain. The explosion also destroys the access well to the hall, denying Janos and Professor von Krϋger any chance of ever meeting Dracula. Their quests for immortality have literally bombed out (pun intended)!

The final cinematic cut scene is played. Janos and Professor von Krϋger return to London to reopen the crypt, some decades later, in 1942 during World War II. Both of them are now dressed in Nazi uniforms.

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