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First posted on 10 March 2001. Last updated on 01 January 2010.
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Spoiler alert! The following cheat contains spoilers in the form of hints, walkthroughs, guides, or solutions to the game. Viewer discretion is advised.
This game is very unique in many ways:

You must play the game straight through. You cannot save a game, so you play to the end each time. The game is only about an hour long, so there is no need to worry about saving.

The game is played on expanded memory which you need to enable in your operating system.

The game can be played many times. So far, I have come up with 6 different endings.

There are no cheat codes (sorry).

The game has been re-released with an M rating for good reason. There is much adult sexual suggestive themes. The game is definitely not for kids. It is an adult version of Alfred Hitchcock's Rear Window.

There is a lockout feature that offers adults the option to control family use of the game. After the opening logo, a lockout screen appears. To unlock the disk, enter 3333 and accept. You can change the lockout code. To do this, after entering the current code, click on new code, then enter your new code and accept.

Here is a quote from the manual: "Voyeur is a political thriller which allows you-from the vantage point of your apartment-to look into the windows of Hawke Manor and expose a crime." Reed Hawke (played sleazily good by Robert Culp), CEO of Hawke Industries, has decided to run for the President of the United States. He has brought his family (quite dysfunctional, of course) together for the weekend to prepare them for the announcement of his candidacy. Hawke is unaware that some members of his family actually want him to become president and one of them is prepared to reveal a dark family secret that will destroy him. Hawke will do whatever it takes, including murder, to ensure his family's silence.

Each time this game is played, a different member of the family will try to betray Hawke. As such, the game needs to be replayed several times to see all of the plot twists and dirty deeds.

Time is a critical factor in gameplay. You only have the weekend (ending on Sunday 10:30 p.m.) to observe clues and take action before Hawke holds his press conference Monday morning.

The time of day is shown at the top of the screen. As you view the mansion and the rooms through the windows with the camcorder, the minutes tick by. A battery gauge on the left side of the viewfinder indicates the amount of time remaining before the next time change.

There are 2 ways to play the game until the end:

Try to prove to the police that Hawke has committed murder. As you spy on Hawke Manor from next door in your apartment, you watch with your camcorder. Whatever you see and hear, you videotape. If you videotape the scene in which Hawke is implicated in the murder of a family member and show it to the police. Hawke is arrested and his bid for the presidency ends.

Try to save the family member in jeopardy. If you send the videotape to the character in jeopardy, the character will flee Hawke Manor. Once out of the house, the character will turn over the evidence to the press covering Hawke's presidential bid. However, if you send the videotape to one of the characters who has been bought off by Hawke, he will get the tape and send his gorgeous lady assistant to settle the matter with you in a lethal way. At the least, you get some attention from her, especially with the wild things she does in the manor.

There are 3 icons that you will come across during the game:

Eye icon: indicates a video scene.

Ear icon: indicates an audio scene. The blinds are down and you just hear what is going on.

Magnifying glass icon: indicates evidence such as photos, a diary, or letters.

You will have a crosshair cursor that you can use to scan freely around the rooms until you come across one of the icons. To see it, click on the icon to see what is in that particular room.

This is not an exact walkthrough, but it will give you an idea of what to do. When you replay the game several times to get all the different endings, you at least know what to look for.

The game opens with a scantily clad woman whom you will find out later on to be Hawke's sexy assistant Chantel. Soon, a man with a gun comes in and scans the room. This is Hawke's security man Frank. Chantel throws him on the bed and takes his gun. She makes him handcuff his hands to the bed. She then proceeds to rip his clothes off. She prepares to do more, but she gets a phone call. It is Hawke. She gets dressed but leaves Frank where he is and does not uncuff him. Women, it figures.

Saturday afternoon

You are in your apartment across from Hawke Manor. You get a phone call. Actually, your answering machine picks it up. Your employer tells you that Hawke must be stopped. The employer essentially tells you how to play the game. When the call is done, click on the TV. You get a news report on Hawke. It is here that you receive information on all of the family members. It is important that you see the whole clip. Click on the camcorder to really start the game.

Saturday 4:00 PM

Start looking around the rooms. When you get one of the icons, left click to see what it is. In Chantel's office, click on her computer screen and get a background press release on Hawke himself and the rest of the family. To get out of a room you are viewing, right click. Scan other windows.

Saturday 7:00 PM

The rooms are mostly empty. Hawke's son Zach and his wife come in. In another room, Frank and Chantel are fooling around (you can only hear them) when the intercom buzzes. Frank discovers it is Zach and tells Zach to come in another way.

There are different things happening in different rooms at the same time. The storyline unfolds somewhat differently, depending on what you are watching. The game is like puzzle pieces, but different pieces make different puzzles.

Saturday 7:30 PM

Different things are happening in several rooms. I will only list a few, and you will find other things that I have not mentioned. Upstairs, Zach is griping about his dad. Downstairs, Hawke's sister Margaret is welcoming Hawke's daughter Jessica and her Japanese boyfriend. Frank grabs a stranger in a leather coat. The stranger turns out to be Margaret's daughter and Hawke's niece Chloe. When Frank recognizes her, she knees him in the groin. Scan other windows.

Saturday 8:00 PM

Once again, several things are happening in different rooms at once. Chloe is in her bedroom, acting very apprehensively when Hawke talks to her on the intercom. Scan other windows.

Sunday 10:00 AM

You get a phone call from Chantel about your spying. As you scan the windows, lots of adult things are going on. Hawke's daughter Jessica and her boyfriend are fooling around. Chantel and Frank are engaging in a fetish fantasy in which Frank has a collar around his neck barking like a dog. Scan other windows.

Sunday 2:00 PM

Many things going on. Click on Hawke's office and then his computer monitor. You get additional information on the family members, depending on when you click on the computer. In another room, Hawke and Margaret speak about Hawke killing their father, and Margaret is in on the plot. This family is whacked.

Sunday 4:30 PM

Chloe is flirting with Jessica's boyfriend. In another room, Jessica is talking with Hawke about his company's accidental poisoning of the water supply in a Japanese village. Lots of other things are happening in many rooms. Scan other windows.

Sunday 8:00 PM

Jessica and her boyfriend confront Hawke, and they get into an argument. In another room, Zach's wife and Chloe are tangled in an interesting moment that involves a red leather dress. Scan other windows.

Sunday 8:30 PM

Things start to really heat up. Zach's wife and Hawke talk, and he leads her to another room. Margaret is looking at a scrap book. Jessica and Zach are talking, and he hands her a file on her boyfriend who is an eco-terrorist. In another room, Hawke makes a pass at Zach's wife. Scan other windows.

Sunday 9:00 PM

Just when you think it cannot get spicier, there are more surprises. Many things are happening. How the game ends now depends on where you decide to watch or listen. I will give only a small sample of what is going on. Chloe confronts Hawke on his raping her at 14 years of age. She wants money or she will expose him. He threatens her in return. Jessica confronts her Japanese eco-terrorist boyfriend. Scan other windows.

Sunday 10:00 PM

Many things are happening again. I will only list a few. Zach's wife and Jessica discuss their men. Zach and Hawke argue. Chloe has a duffel bag full of cash, courtesy of Hawke. Meanwhile, Margaret digs up something in her flower garden. Zach discovers his computer disk stolen. Scan other windows.

Sunday 10:30 PM

This is a pivotal time now. All the rooms must be watched. A family member will be murdered. Who? It all depends on what you have been observing up to this time. Every time you play the game, a different family member gets killed. The suspense is incredible. This is my favorite part of the whole game.

Monday morning

Hawke holds a press conference and announces the death of a family member. The callous crowd then announces his presidential candidacy. Hopefully, you have caught the murder on videotape. Call the cops and turn in the tape. If you have caught the murder, the game ends with a cool epilogue. If you have not, the cops will get mad at you and the game ends in failure.

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